Keep away from this girl!

Whenever I wear an outfit like this (or basically anything that doesn’t have a doppelgänger in the children’s department), Kim says something like, “You little hoochie mama!” or “I taught you well.” It is all in love and fun – we pick on one another. You see, Kimbly is the type of girl who believes anything that covers your butt is a dress and that your boobs belong at your chin. We tend to be polar opposites in many ways (bra sizes included), but sometimes I catch her buying girly 50s dresses (that you’d normally find in my closet) and other times, I can be found wearing a fitted little mini that’s a wee bit scandalous. I like to balance it out with a loose fitted top. I really can’t be bothered to wear much more in this horrible heat.

p.s. Let it be known that Kim is not really a hoochie mama. Like I said, we poke fun:)

Outfit Details:
skirt – forever 21
Walk ‘n Roll top – courtesy of ModCloth
peep toe heels with bows – courtesy of Smashion
(I left my purse upstairs, when we were taking pictures. Oops!)

Makeup Notes:
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light (face)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Refined (cheeks)
MAC blacktrack fluidline (eyes)
Julie Hewett cheekie cheek and lip shine in Bette (lips)

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

  1. Leah (The Domesticated Wife) says: July 10, 20102:01 am

    Get DOWN with your bad self!! 😀

  2. PrettyDamnCute says: July 10, 20102:02 am

    Great song reference!

  3. Lovers, Saints & Sailors says: July 10, 20102:02 am

    It's always fun to dress a little different. It lets you be someone else for a day. Isn't that what clothes are all about?

  4. A.Co says: July 10, 20102:12 am

    That skirt is AWESOME!

    Aww cute – sounds like you've got a great friend.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  5. Karen Beth says: July 10, 20102:15 am

    I've got this top and I LOVE it! So versatile and chic. Great look!

  6. andrea k (blonde bedhead) says: July 10, 20102:17 am

    Hot! Love the mini!

  7. YASMEEN BUTTONS says: July 10, 20102:20 am

    Ahh cute!

    I would love to see you with your hair down though. Maybe straightened? Or just something new?

  8. Nicki says: July 10, 20102:21 am

    You look really pretty =). Love the skirt!

  9. Trishna says: July 10, 20102:23 am

    But you look absolutely perfectly gorgeous in everything you wear. 🙂

  10. Smacko says: July 10, 20102:23 am

    I adore your shoes! They are so adorable :]

    Love and Turtledoves,

  11. Keiko Lynn says: July 10, 20102:26 am

    Thanks, everyone!

    Yasmeen: I know, I am in a hair rut. It's pure laziness AND I need a hair cut. Also, the heat we're experiencing in NYC is ridiculous and I can't handle my hair down for more than a few minutes.

  12. Jen says: July 10, 20102:39 am

    haha i love that skirt! and the more you hang out with someone they more they influence who you are, especially in the style department 😉

  13. Sophie says: July 10, 20102:41 am

    You look great! I like to match skirts like that with flowy tops too. You and I have a similar build, I think 🙂

  14. Nathalie (hungrytiger) says: July 10, 20102:56 am

    runaround sue! i just had to youtube it. i haven't heard it in such a long! The bodycon skirt works well for you. not hoochie at all for such a hoochie skirt!

  15. Ms K says: July 10, 20103:12 am

    love the skirt.


  16. Charlie says: July 10, 20103:12 am

    the skirt is gorgeous! love it paired with the wider top, looks great. but it´s really the shoes making it all girly I think 🙂

  17. Viv says: July 10, 20103:19 am

    L O V E this look. Especially the skirt. F21, really! Your style is amazing, glad your skirts cover more than your… cheeks and your boobs aren't pushed up to your neck. Just seems uncomfortable. =)

  18. Luinae says: July 10, 20104:54 am

    The shoes really make this look! I also like it, because it feels kind of sexy, but not all here is my body on a platter. Very classy, and sophisticated!

  19. Charmalade says: July 10, 20105:05 am

    There's a similar tight-fit skirt from F21 that Ioften used to wear, but now when it's summer, I prefer the flowy skirt variety. But you yourself make one hot "hoochie mama." 😉

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  20. libys11 says: July 10, 20105:22 am

    that's a cool skirt.. never thought it would come from forever 21 😀 love the way you styled it with the simpler pieces! 😀

  21. Shelby says: July 10, 20105:53 am

    your skirt is like a van halen guitar. i love it!

  22. Dylana Suarez says: July 10, 20106:09 am

    The skirt looks amazing on you!

  23. Adiel says: July 10, 20106:23 am

    I see no hoochie here! Adore that skirt!

  24. revital says: July 10, 20108:13 am

    you look amazing! that skirt is perfect!

  25. Fashion Butter says: July 10, 20109:14 am

    As someone who has to allow her inner hoochie out to play or else she will cut me, I really like this outfit! One of my favorites!

  26. Alice says: July 10, 201010:09 am

    You look so pretty ^^

  27. Wendy says: July 10, 201012:04 pm

    If you don't mind me asking, what size is that top? So cute!

  28. Frugal Fashionista says: July 10, 201012:36 pm

    Wow love that skirt! Also love the lose top with it. I always pair tight skirts with tight tops. But this outfit is fabulous!

  29. Catherine says: July 10, 20102:54 pm

    Always so elegant and lovely 🙂

  30. Tee Sea says: July 10, 20102:56 pm

    I love how you're wearing daintier, shorter heels rather than stomping around in 5 inch platform heels that seem to be everywhere. Pairing the shorter ones with a bodycon skirt is just perfect!

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  31. Hayley says: July 10, 20105:39 pm

    LOVE this outfit!

  32. Skye says: July 10, 20105:41 pm

    Wow, I love your outfit ♥ 😀
    That's a really awesome skirt. ♥

  33. Natasha says: July 10, 20106:36 pm

    I think it can be fun to bring on the hooch in small doses. Cute!

  34. what dia like says: July 10, 20108:18 pm
  35. Annie Cristina says: July 10, 201010:46 pm

    I always love how your hair manages to look sleek, cute, and effortless picked up like that. When I ball it up into a bun, I just look messy. :p

  36. mimi w says: July 10, 201011:21 pm

    hope this isn't a weird question (well, it is, but i hope it doesn't weird YOU out!) but, what kind of bra are you wearing there? or did you photoshop out any evidence of it in those pics? i would love to find a bra i can wear with a sheer white top without any weird lines, bulges, back fat, etc.!

  37. Blue Note says: July 10, 201011:46 pm

    wow! you look fantastic!

  38. estelleblogmode says: July 11, 20104:54 pm

    Love your skirt !

  39. Becca Jane says: July 11, 20105:06 pm

    you look fabulous in this outfit! I LOVE the skirt

  40. Bad Taste Toast says: July 11, 20108:34 pm

    This look really works with the basic pieces around this eyecatching skirt! It's still so hot on your side of the ocean too? Over here in germany it's unbearable aswell.

  41. The Fancy Teacup says: July 12, 20101:07 am

    I love the mini on you! You've got gorgeous legs, show them off! 🙂 Those shoes are darling as well.

  42. daisymay aka Chantele says: July 12, 20105:47 am

    Great skirt, Simple and chic outfit!
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  43. Carlotta says: July 12, 20108:45 am
  44. Jayrin Eve says: July 12, 20103:02 pm

    I love this. You have fabulous legs btw! 🙂

  45. veronika, tick tock vintage. says: July 12, 20103:23 pm

    i pretty much follow this rule – if one part of me is hangin' out, something else gets totally covered up. for example, if the girls are shown off in a low cut dress, you can bet your ass that the dress is long and relatively loose.

  46. Keiko Lynn says: July 13, 20101:08 am

    mimi: It's a bra from Target! It's by gilligan and o'malley – it's just one of those seamless bras. You can still see it, though. Check the second picture for a sweet back fat display;)

  47. Keiko Lynn says: July 13, 20101:09 am

    Wendy: It's a size small:)

  48. kendal croix. says: July 13, 20102:15 am

    that skirt is too awesome.

  49. babyxswts5 says: July 13, 20104:01 am

    Aww, the shoes look great! 🙂 Love this outfit <3

  50. Kelly says: July 13, 20106:59 am

    Love that skirt!!

    <3 Kelly

  51. Diana says: July 13, 20104:48 pm

    Just stumbled across this dress that looks a LOT like your skirt:

  52. Jocelyn Garrity says: July 14, 20104:59 am

    You make me want to move to NYC. I LOVE that skirt. Such a cute outfit!!

  53. Santina says: July 14, 20102:30 pm

    I really like how you paired a somewhat edgy look with very sweet shoes. Maybe that was the lady in you trying to shine through the hoochie?

    Also, I think it's fun to see how friends and significant others influence my style without me realizing it!


  54. Valentine says: July 16, 201012:22 am

    The skirt is GREAT !!!
    -the diary of a fashion stylist-

  55. Meshack says: August 16, 20103:52 pm

    this outfit amazing!! you did a great job doing sexy/edgy but not too revealing. Its SO cute!

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