Exciting news…

I’m a part of Coach’s Holiday Campaign – and you are invited to the unveiling!
I’ve been waiting to share this news with you since this summer – how crazy. The online campaign and video will launch on November 17th and will be featured in stores globally throughout the holidays – but you can see it first on the 12th at the official unveiling party.
Check out the sneak peek video below – and please come to the Coach SoHo store next Friday, November 12th to celebrate with us. It will be an amazing party with a DJ, open bar, custom flipbook souvenirs and 25% off all purchases. And of course, we’ll be hanging out and hoping to meet some of our readers! The invitation is below the video. Mark it on your calendar!

(I swear I’m in this collage…I’m just itty bitty)

p.s. Silly me…I forgot to introduce you to the other bloggers! Check out their blogs, if you haven’t already:
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Saucy Glossie
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  1. Ashley J says: November 5, 20102:11 pm

    Coolest.Thing.Ever!!! Congrats!!!


  2. Charmalade says: November 5, 20102:16 pm

    That was a pretty fun trailer– highlights are the over-the-top wonderfully sparkly outfits and funny responses (is it just me, or was "One time I set the Christmas tree on fire" slightly frightening? haha). And white lights being classier? Come on, Keiko, since when was Christmas about being classy? 😉 Oh, I kid. It's so true though, I think they're so much prettier when draped over rooftops.

    Toast with Charmalade

  3. kileen says: November 5, 20102:26 pm

    wow, looks like it will be so much fun!! wishing i lived in NYC. 🙂


  4. KcomeKarolina says: November 5, 20102:28 pm

    great video! you look so pretty!


    /there's a GIVE_AWAY on my blog/

  5. Elle Sees says: November 5, 20102:31 pm

    super amazing! this is excellent news. if i was in nyc, i'd go!

  6. Barb says: November 5, 20102:33 pm

    I am 99% sure that I will be there! how exciting!!

  7. Francesca says: November 5, 20102:39 pm

    ill definitely be there!!


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  8. Letícia says: November 5, 20102:49 pm

    What a cute video!!! Very adorable 🙂

  9. Collette Osuna says: November 5, 20102:49 pm

    Hi hunnie..I saw this last night and thought you were FABULOUS….great news!!

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    I’m the MTV Top Style Blogger of the Week!!

  10. genevieve, sandbox romance says: November 5, 20103:09 pm

    Keiko, you were adorable! Loving the video, and your "classy white lights" comment. Whoever are the others bloggers? I've never seen any of them before!

  11. Diane says: November 5, 20103:20 pm

    keiko this is so amazing! congrats for being a part of this!!! how i wish i could attend the event 🙁 but i'm no longer in nyc…

  12. Joanna says: November 5, 20103:22 pm

    Love this video, and you look adorable! Great laugh! Can't wait to see all of the new goodies they bring out for the holiday.

  13. Ashley says: November 5, 20103:53 pm

    If i lived in NYC i would be there in a heartbeat!

    How awesome and exciting for you!

  14. TresLunas says: November 5, 20104:11 pm

    i like the video!!!!and you are so cuuute =)



  15. Anonymous says: November 5, 20104:33 pm

    Too much spotlight on the other bloggers. You were the only one who was not over the top. The rest looked too crazy!

  16. Vicki says: November 5, 20104:36 pm

    haha i love the video! its so kitsch! you look great in it my dear 🙂 x

  17. Lidi says: November 5, 20105:56 pm

    you were by far the prettiest one there! No disrespect to the other bloggers (of course) but you seriously looked so lovely! Wish they would have featured you more.

  18. Krameymartin says: November 5, 20105:58 pm

    This is awesome! Way to go, and you look beautiful!

  19. LahTeaDah says: November 5, 20106:03 pm

    I love that! Great Video… so cute!

    Yours Truly

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  20. Keiko Lynn says: November 5, 20106:28 pm

    I appreciate all of the support, but please respect the other bloggers! They are all beautiful and were a pleasure to work with.

  21. Keiko Lynn says: November 5, 20106:29 pm

    Also, thank you everyone! I hope to see you next Friday.

  22. Keiko Lynn says: November 5, 20106:30 pm

    Charmalade: Obviously, I am the authority on everything classy. Can't you tell by my super awkward laugh at the end?? 😉

  23. chibi says: November 5, 20109:58 pm

    I wish I could be there. The promo was very cute!

  24. Katie says: November 5, 201010:38 pm

    How exciting! Congrats!

  25. christina says: November 6, 20106:07 am
  26. libys11 says: November 6, 20106:08 am

    one of the cutest blogger collabs ever!!!! aaahhh!!! i super love this!!! 😀

    Animated Confessions

  27. Debby says: November 6, 20101:18 pm

    So cool… the video is adorable! Have fun, Sweetie! xo

  28. theloudmouth says: November 7, 20102:37 am

    wow, how incredibly exciting! congratulations.

  29. ilene @ muchloveilly says: November 7, 20103:33 am

    aw this is SO cool! congrats on being a part of it. 🙂

  30. Christina says: November 8, 201012:51 am

    I thought the video was fabulous, what a wonderful thing thing to participate in. I wish I could go, Im sure its gonna be an amazing gathering.

    I have a question though who was the guy in the video?

  31. Keiko Lynn says: November 8, 20102:10 am

    Christina: He's a male model named Casey – I think his name is Casey Taylor.