Outfit Details:
velvet jacket – Postlapsaria
black jersey dress (worn as top) – H&M
tuxedo jeans with lots of stretch (perfect for brunch;)) – courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collection
Senso shoes – courtesy of Solestruck
MAC clutch – courtesy of Rebecca Minkoffhat – thrifted? I’ve had it foreverleopard print scarf – thrifted

Sunday morning brunch is possibly one of my favorite things in the world. Breakfast food and good company = best combination. On this particular day, I asked Bobby what the weather was like (since he walked Miku). “Not too cold; it’s actually really nice out.” He told me I would be fine without a coat, in fact, because it was that nice out.


It was freezing and windy and I could have used not one but three or five coats. Luckily for me, the scarf I wore is approximately the size of a large blanket, so I wore it wrapped around me as such. Plus, Benchmark had lobster bisque. The moral of this story: Always check the temperature yourself and go to restaurants whose chefs understand the importance of hot soup on a cold day.

Unrelated, but I would like to apologize to all of the people with aversions to velvet (and I know there are many). I grew up in the 90s; velvet was practically a way of life. Nirvana lyrics fit all aspects of this post, so that worked out beautifully – a 90s miracle, if you will!

p.s. I made a small run of these velvet jackets for the site, and variants in other fabrics for Emerging Thoughts – just waiting to get my computer back!

  1. Work With What You've Got says: November 30, 20108:22 pm

    I would love to pre-order one of those cray cray velvet jacket drape things if I can. WERK. I love it.

  2. Suz says: November 30, 20108:25 pm

    perfect look! love your shoes

  3. Collette Osuna says: November 30, 20108:26 pm

    GORGEOUS velvet jacket….you look great:)

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  4. HerBerryness says: November 30, 20108:27 pm

    You always look gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. gembear says: November 30, 20108:28 pm

    you look beautiful.
    i have a black velvet dress and my friends go crazy and not in a good way when i wear it…. but i love it!!

    gem xo

  6. Fiamma says: November 30, 20108:28 pm

    This happens to me when I ask my father What's the weather like… He says: oh it's warm and nice…. and then I freeze to death :D:D:D

    You look great as usual:)


  7. annierama says: November 30, 20108:28 pm

    your style is oustanding and so are these shots!

  8. Dylana Suarez says: November 30, 20108:34 pm

    That velvet jacket is gorgeous!



  9. Hen says: November 30, 20108:34 pm

    Lovely outfit!

    Teenage Daydreams

  10. RX-SZ says: November 30, 20108:35 pm

    I love the scarf!

  11. The Fancy Teacup says: November 30, 20108:41 pm

    Psshh, I LOVE velvet! And you look gorgeous in it. I adore the tuxedo jeans too, so lavish and lovely looking. Glad you were able to stay warm despite the false weather report (hehe) and find some warm soup!


  12. LuLu says: November 30, 20108:49 pm
  13. Jen says: November 30, 20108:51 pm

    I adore this look! Your scarf and jacket are amazing.

  14. alannah. says: November 30, 20108:53 pm

    sunday brunch is pretty terrific except im afraid i dont get out for it enough! the jeans look great on you!x

  15. Lilou says: November 30, 20109:02 pm

    You really look fantastic. Usually I don't like those skinny jeans but your look is great. And I love the scarf.

  16. In Kinsey's Closet says: November 30, 20109:03 pm

    Wow, your hair looks amazing! Did you do something different with it?

  17. Manja says: November 30, 20109:05 pm

    I LOVE velvet! But I am a 90s child, too. Maybe that's why. Scarfs that can also funtion as blankets are the best!

  18. Future Lint says: November 30, 20109:08 pm

    I like that you are singlehandedly bring back the crushed velvet! I totally had several dresses for school dances that were crushed velvet! I love all your layers and textures!

  19. Kyrstin says: November 30, 20109:11 pm

    your hair looks so pretty in these!

  20. Kate says: November 30, 20109:18 pm

    Every time I see your hair down, I am surprised by how LONG it is!

  21. Penny Dreadful says: November 30, 20109:23 pm

    Ha! I grew up in the 90s too, which is why I'm having trouble coming back to velvet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Ashley says: November 30, 20109:35 pm

    I love this outfit! the pop of color from your purse is perfect…

    lobster bisque!! yes please!!

  23. Le blog de Letilor says: November 30, 20109:35 pm

    Comme d'habitude so beautiful !

  24. kileen says: November 30, 20109:38 pm

    crushed velvet is actually really growing on me now after seeing your beautiful posts. and i'm glad you were able to get some hot soup to warm you up!


  25. veronika, tick tock vintage. says: November 30, 20109:39 pm

    hah! my husband does the same thing. i just throw on the warmest coat i own to make sure that i won't be cold.

  26. Estefania Lovelifefashion says: November 30, 20109:45 pm

    You look great Keiko!! I love velvet cape ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Bobby is a bad guy LOL Why men don't have cold???

  27. Lovers, Saints & Sailors says: November 30, 20109:50 pm

    Oh that outfit makes me miss the cold!
    It's the first day of summer today. Fingers crossed it stays mild.

    Also, I'm hosting a give away. Check it out.

  28. daer0n says: November 30, 20109:57 pm

    Love your outfit, especially the jeans. Your hair looks awesome!

  29. Maren Charlotte says: November 30, 201010:10 pm

    Love your outfit! Especially the scarf!

  30. The A-team! says: November 30, 201010:23 pm

    really nice blog!
    i love your scarf – beautiful โ™ฅ

  31. Helena from BrooklynBlonde says: November 30, 201010:32 pm

    You look gorgeous and i love your scarf and your hair like that!

  32. Andrea says: November 30, 201010:44 pm

    i too – would love to pre-order- or hope that you'll re-announce when they're in your shop – i love me some crushed velvet!


  33. Alysia Pollock says: November 30, 201010:49 pm

    Great blog. Love it all. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I'm following you now. Have a great day.


  34. @hautepinkpretty says: November 30, 201010:56 pm

    Love it! The cape/jacket is amazing!!! I want! ๐Ÿ™‚


  35. Stephie says: November 30, 201011:17 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous! You are such an inspiration, you make me lust after velvet when I'm usually quite averse to it! I adore the jeans and booties too!

    Btw, good lesson learned with checking the weather yourself! My other half constantly makes the weather seem mild when it's freezing… thank heavens for scarves and soup!

  36. Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) says: November 30, 201011:17 pm

    I love the gray color palette of this outfit with the pop of pink from the purse. Your scarf looks gorgeous on you!


  37. Flora says: December 1, 201012:28 am

    Sorry that you felt cold but thanks to the wind the first picture has amazing movement haha Great photo! And your hair looks beautiful!

  38. Fivetwocharm says: December 1, 20101:14 am

    that's an amazing velvet jacket! your outfit is reallyy prettyyy. keiko lynn, i look up to you ๐Ÿ™‚

    xx Kenny

  39. Dana says: December 1, 20101:27 am

    I would snatch up one of those velvet jackets in a heartbeat. It's gorgeous!

  40. Rebecca from See You in Sweden says: December 1, 20101:53 am

    who dislikes velvet, it looks great on you!

  41. The Fashion Fallacy says: December 1, 20102:05 am

    I love love love your velvet jacket!

  42. Behind the Lashes says: December 1, 20102:13 am

    Great styling, I love the pop of color with the pink bag.
    xoxo Heather

  43. Copious Couture says: December 1, 20102:43 am

    Gorgeous outfit…. You look stunning!!!!!!


  44. Kirstin says: December 1, 20102:43 am

    This is my favorite outfit. You look amazing! I am in love with your velvet jacket and your scarf…I am jealous of your cold weather!!! It's so warm down here.. ๐Ÿ˜›



  45. libys11 says: December 1, 20102:58 am

    gorgeous layers and i love the mix of prints and textures!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Animated Confessions

  46. Melai says: December 1, 20103:11 am

    I love everything!!! I love the colors, the layers, the proportions, the mix of textures, prints, your make-up, your hair, everything!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ How do you manage to look good all the time?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Melai of Style and Soul

  47. kasey says: December 1, 20104:24 am

    I love velvet! And that jacket is gorgeous… I am soo totally in need of a velvet dress right now. *sigh*

  48. Ana Rolka says: December 1, 20104:38 am

    I love velvet. I just bought both a 60s crushed velvet cape and a tight little velvet dress I LOVE.

    I will totally buy one of those jackets if they come in black….

  49. Aubsent From Texas says: December 1, 20104:42 am

    great jeans! I am on a hunt for a pair that fit me well.
    Love the casual yet so pulled together look of this whole outfit.

  50. honeysuckle says: December 1, 20105:13 am

    i love your hair! how do you get it so perfectly curled??

  51. Maggie โ˜ฎ says: December 1, 20105:27 am

    I love love love your scarf and your boots! ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. Natalie says: December 1, 20105:56 am

    Nirvana nod, thumbs up.

  53. Jazmin says: December 1, 20106:51 am

    Lovely outfit! I tried looking for the jeans you are wearing on the link you provided but I couldn't find them ๐Ÿ™

  54. Finder says: December 1, 20108:07 am

    Adorable outfit!!

    we are trying to find the brand of the clothes, accessories and shoes we saw on internet or anywhere. help us, or send us something you want our blog to find. it's easy and simple ๐Ÿ™‚


  55. Pretty Shiny Sparkly says: December 1, 20101:26 pm

    1. I love velvet. you rock it, girl!
    2. I'm dying. DYING over that clutch!

    โ™ฅ Kristina, of Pretty Shiny Sparkly

  56. THESTREETFASHION5XPRO says: December 1, 20101:40 pm

    You look gorgeous as always! Great pics and post!!!

  57. C.Jane says: December 1, 20102:08 pm

    gostei do sapato de salto e suas fotos sรฃo de surpreender.

  58. Evy says: December 1, 20102:19 pm

    Oh, my. I'm completely in love with the velvet jacket! COMPLETELY. I want one. I've already checked the Postlapsaria and Emerging Thoughts pages at least four times since I saw this blog post, I'm so in love!

  59. Wanderlustings says: December 1, 20102:30 pm

    omg ~ that velvet jacket is unbelievable!!

  60. LahTeaDah says: December 1, 20102:45 pm

    Much Agreed- Sunday Brunch makes the heart skip-a-beat!

    Great Scarf! I actually have a new one myself Ill be posting about this Friday! Yahh!

    Yours Truly

    read me: http://www.lahteadah.blogspot.com

  61. Iris says: December 1, 20103:59 pm

    I don't know if I could wear a velvet jacket but, I can't avoid my love of velvet pants for cooler weather occassions, you're not alone. Love those shoes!

  62. One Girl says: December 1, 20104:29 pm

    I enjoy the velvet that you've been styling up! I think velvet is just intimidating for some people – me including. I get a little uneasy on how to style it and not end up looking like Stevie Nicks on crack. But you have great ideas and always look very chic. Keep it up!

  63. Leah says: December 1, 20108:58 pm

    Nice bag, love the colour ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Desiree Cherisse says: December 1, 20109:45 pm

    loving this outfit esp the perfectly fitting jeans & scarf!!

  65. Samantha says: December 2, 201012:36 am

    I love velvet – I'm worse than you though as I own a pair of velvet leggings! They're really warm though.

  66. NICOLE says: December 2, 20103:06 pm

    Yes velvet was big in the 90's, I had a pair of green velvet converse low tops. And I wish they would bring them back.

    Remember the velvet chokers with the frilly blouse look?

  67. H to the izzo says: December 2, 20105:31 pm

    I LOVE this. All the layers and patterns look chic and cozy, especailly with the hat (I'm always cold too). Those skinnies look amazing on you. Saved in my inspiration folder.

  68. Laetitia P. says: December 2, 20109:13 pm

    great style, amazing shoes, you wear it so well!

  69. kelly ann says: December 3, 20108:56 am

    best outfit EVER. i need that velvet jacket in my life. it reminds me of something stevie nicks would wear, i love it!

  70. Rebecca says: December 3, 20104:29 pm

    I love the velvet! Fabulous

  71. Shoe says: December 4, 201011:59 pm

    I love velvet! But maybe it's because one of my first formal dresses my mother ever bought me was velvet ๐Ÿ˜›




  72. Tassos Pasalis says: December 6, 20105:30 pm

    Oh, I looooove this style! And the booties…!

  73. Heather says: December 11, 20103:37 pm

    i absolutely love those jeans but i can't seem to find them on the website. do you know anywhere else they would be available? i'd love to get my hands on a pair. you make them look so cute!!!