Exciting news: I am Coach’s guest blogger for the holidays! Coach sent me some glitzy glam bags to shake up my wardrobe and take them on a little tour of Florida and New York. You can see some peeks at my outfits and a fun little interview with me on my guest post – I even sneaked my little Miku into a pic! But let’s be honest, here’s what you’re really waiting for: I’m giving away my favorite bag of the bunch – the Tangle Ballchain Frame Bag. So get your Twitters ready – I can’t wait to give this bag to one of my readers!

How to Enter:
1. Follow @Coach and @keikolynn on twitter.

2. Tweet: I want to win a #CoachTangleBallChain Frame Bag from @Coach and @keikolynn! Visit: www.coach.com/guestblogger

How to Win: Random drawing from entries.

Duration: 12:00 am EST December 2, 2010 through 11:59 pm EST December 9, 2010

Eligibility: Legal residents of United States (including D.C.) who are 18 years of age or older. (Sorry to my international readers – I’ll make it up to you!)

Notification: Winner will be notified within 1 day of the Drawing Date (defined in the Official Rules) via a direct message on Coach’s Twitter account.

Prize: Style: 15894 Tangle Ballchain Frame Small Bag (Value = $258)

No purchase necessary; a purchase of any kind will not increase your chances of winning. Odds of winning will depend on the total number of eligible entries received. Void where prohibited. Subject to Official Rules.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your tweeting! Good luck:)

  1. Chelsea Whipps says: December 2, 20108:03 pm

    darn, I did everything and then read the bit about no international readers !! oh well, I have so much family that I'm sure someone will do me the favour of receiving it !


  2. Banhannas says: December 2, 20108:07 pm

    The bag is so cute, love the design. =0P Good luck to everyone!

  3. Jen says: December 2, 20108:08 pm

    The picture of you and Miku is darling! I adore your outfit and the multi-colored bow! So fun!!

  4. Michelle O says: December 2, 20108:18 pm

    Will be crossing my fingers. Youre right it is little but makes a big statement. Great Holiday party bag!

  5. Anonymous says: December 2, 20108:19 pm

    BUMMER for the no internationals rule :S Love miku

  6. I Don't Wear Jeans says: December 2, 20108:30 pm

    Congratulations Keiko! I love your blog and your sense of style. You deserve this acknowledgment.


  7. Miranda says: December 2, 20108:55 pm

    Just added y'all as friends and tweeted about it!

    That is definitely my favorite as well, it's awesome and edgy.


  8. KnockoutNiki says: December 2, 20109:06 pm

    Done and done!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    nikitoes02 [at] gmail [dot] come

  9. Mae Lu says: December 2, 20109:09 pm

    Following now!



    Thank you for hosting this, Keiko!!

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  10. Ashley J says: December 2, 20109:13 pm

    Great giveaway…hope I win!!!


  11. Gabi says: December 2, 20109:44 pm

    Lovely…what a great (holiday) party purse:)I follow you both and here's my tweet..


  12. stefanietaylor says: December 2, 201010:24 pm

    I love Chuck from Pushing Daisies too! I am so sad that show was cancelled. I also have a strange phobia of styrofoam… and cotton balls. weird? yes. oh well. 🙂

  13. genevieve, sandbox romance says: December 2, 201010:52 pm

    Aw, Keiko! Congrats! What a cute interview. I ADORE the picture of you and Miku! It's terrible sweet, and that bow is precious. I sort of really want one. That fabric is amazing. Which begs the question: did you make it? If I have to wait until you blog it I will!

    Golly, this makes me consider getting a twitter..

  14. Keiko Lynn says: December 2, 201011:39 pm

    Chelsea, I imagine you would just have to have your US based family formally accept the prize…but I'll have to check with Coach!

  15. Keiko Lynn says: December 2, 201011:39 pm

    Jen and Anonymous: You know I had to put Miku in there!

  16. Keiko Lynn says: December 2, 201011:40 pm

    I don't wear jeans: Thank you so much! You have no idea how much that means to me:)

  17. Keiko Lynn says: December 2, 201011:40 pm

    stefanietaylor: I totally feel you on both. Cotton balls have such a weird sound/feeling when you press them too hard. hauihgjkahga

  18. Keiko Lynn says: December 2, 201011:41 pm

    Genevieve, you should just make one for this one tweet! haha

  19. Beautifully Pure says: December 2, 201011:56 pm

    Aww! I so wish I was eighteen so I could enter! I love that bag! <3

  20. Jasmine Iris says: December 3, 201012:15 am

    following both of you 🙂
    and tweeted

  21. Brittany says: December 3, 20101:19 am

    Following and tweeted! Such a cute bag!

  22. B. in the Know says: December 3, 20101:42 am

    I simply adore this bag!
    Much love,

  23. Barb says: December 3, 20101:45 am

    I tweeted, but do I have to let you know in the comments? While I guess I am.

  24. perrack says: December 3, 20102:24 am
  25. E says: December 3, 20103:10 am

    That bag is amazing! Here's the link to my tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/ewiley/status/10531036060459008

  26. Behind the Lashes says: December 3, 20103:22 am


  27. The Fancy Teacup says: December 3, 20104:01 am

    Your answers were so funny, especially about your Florida birth certificate ready to combust if you were to choose mountains over beaches.

    And cute little Miku got his picture taken! 🙂

    You look especially beautiful in the ivory lace top.

    I tweeted!


  28. Miss Makes-a-lot says: December 3, 20105:11 pm

    this is so perfectly amazing… ideal holiday statement piece 🙂

    i tweeted..and ive been reading your blog for a while (love!) but just finally found you on twitter!


  29. Jilliebeanie says: December 3, 20105:23 pm

    This bag is CRAZY-AWESOME! I WANT IT!

    I tweeted!

    Jill – @spoilsofwear

  30. ♥ Cara Mia ♥ says: December 4, 201012:37 am

    WOW! Glad I found your blog! This giveaway is FIERCE! ♥

    Followed & Tweeted 🙂

    Cara Mia

  31. Julie says: December 4, 20104:09 am

    I work for Coach and that bag is so fun! Not many people buy it (probably because it's a tad expensive) but i think it's super cute and totally unconventional compared to many of Coach's other bags.

    Oh & I love your blog 🙂

  32. Erica Leigh says: December 5, 201012:30 am

    i'm following coach now too. yayyy what a cool giveaway!


  33. Angela says: December 5, 20102:47 am

    that bag is sooooo cute! When did Coach get super trendy?!


  34. Megan says: December 5, 201011:44 pm

    yess.. i love this little bag! started following @Coach – and I'm so ready to win!

  35. Melissa Kelley says: December 6, 20107:49 pm

    I Love this Coach purse. Never seen anyone like it! Im tweeting as@ Melissa3841

  36. Melissa Kelley says: December 6, 20107:51 pm

    I follow Keiko and Coach on Twitter. Thanks for an awesome giveaway! !!! @Melissa3841

  37. Melody says: December 6, 20109:53 pm

    Done and done!

    What an awesome giveaway!

  38. miriama says: December 7, 20106:37 am

    Tweeting, doing back flips, whatever it takes. That bag is OUTRAGEOUS! And I need, want, have to have another Coach! <3 Coach


  39. Jesucita says: December 7, 20105:02 pm

    My twitter is private. Will this be a problem? Should I make it public?

  40. God's Favorite Shoes! says: December 9, 20104:12 am

    I already tweeted this giveaway. Now gimme…pretty please!

    Reiko at godsfavoriteshoes@yahoo.com

  41. Farzana says: December 9, 20108:58 pm

    I don't have any coach purses, I would luv to win it. I mean it's the season to be givin to those in need 🙂