Outfit Details:
Tiered ruffle dress – H&M ($10!)
sheer overlay – thrifted
tights – Christmas gift from my mom
velvet flats – GAP ($5!)
grey coat – courtesy of Asian iCandy
Elle Nicole “Lydia Mini” fringe bag – courtesy of Danielle Nicole

Apparently I have an issue with looking at the camera.

I feel silly talking about the weather in Florida when Bobby endured the New York blizzard back home, but I suppose that’s not going to stop me. It has been cold enough to wear a coat on a few days. Well, cold enough for me to wear a coat because I’m a big baby. My aversion to cold weather becomes even greater the further south I venture. Yet, I am pleased to report that our Christmas didn’t bring bikini weather. It’s difficult to maintain a holiday spirit when you’re sweating to Jingle Bells.

There’s a group of little girls waiting to go on a picnic, so I need to get going. Tessa, Amanda and I are taking Roxy and her friends to the park. They’re in the other room talking about boys. Keep in mind that Roxy is five years old. Uh oh!

  1. Dylan Shae says: July 2, 20158:59 pm