Ladylike Trickery

Outfit Details:

Kate Young for Target bodysuit

vintage bustier

Corey Lynn Calter Clarissa skirt (on sale!!)

Sole Society pumps (c/o)

thrifted belt

Rebecca Minkoff MAC (old, c/o)

lipstick – MAC Vegas Volt

“Ladylike” is a description that has always eluded me, though you’d rarely call me crass. Pigeon toed and painfully uncoordinated (despite a family full of skilled dancers), I’ve always been an awkward, clumsy girl – and not in that ever-so-charming Zooey Deschanel kind of way. More in that real life, always manage to spill your drink down the front of your dress or trip over your own feet at least once a day kind of way. Let me tell you, it’s almost impossible to look adorable when doing something like that, so don’t let Zooey or any of the myriad romantic comedies with charmingly awkward lady leads fool you. My friends and I laugh it off; it doesn’t bother me (and I’m not lamenting it as I write this). What I lack in poise and grace, I can always make up for with the way I dress – and every once in awhile, I like to turn up the ladylike factor. If you saw me on the street on this day, you just may have assumed I was the picture of poise.*

That is, of course, as long as I was standing still. I haven’t mastered the fine art of walking with my feet straight, quite yet.

*Except for the fact that my skirt is crooked – sorry, Corey!

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