How To Get The Perfect Brows Tutorial

How To Get The Perfect Brows Tutorial

How To Get The Perfect Brows Tutorial

Products used to create the perfect brow: 1) Smashbox Lid Primer, 2) Anastasia Brow Wiz, 3) Sonia Kashuk stiff angled brush, 4) Smashbox Brow Tech (I also love this Too Faced Brow Kit for an all-in-one)

Pssst! I posted more brow product suggestions on my latest Westfield Style post.

Today’s tutorial is about – you guessed it! – brows. I wax poetic about how important brows are, how they frame your face, how I won’t leave home without them. It’s an obsession – but did you see the “before” picture? It really does make a huge difference. I’ve done a few brow tutorials over the years, but my routine is ever evolving. The past year or so, I’ve been steadfast in my current brow technique (though I sometimes switch up the products) – and with the many inquiries I receive on a daily basis, I figured it was high time for a new tutorial. I made a cheat sheet (above) for future reference, but the full tutorial with demonstrated steps is after the jump. Keep reading to learn how I take my brows from blahhhh to yayyyy!

Before we get started, please refer to this diagram if you have questions on where your brow should start, arch, and end.

How To Get The Perfect Brows Tutorial

Apply primer. People usually skip this step, but it will help keep your brows from slipping off your face! It’s really important if you’re like me and rely on a lot of filler, especially on the tail end.

How To Get The Perfect Brows Tutorial

Use brow pencil to draw a defined line underneath your brow.

How To Get The Perfect Brows Tutorial

Do the same for the top of your brow, but only on the outer 3/4. Concentrate on defining the tail end of your brow.

How To Get The Perfect Brows Tutorial

Use the spoolie end of the pencil (or a clean mascara wand) to pull the color up and through the brows. This will also blend any harsh lines, but if you want a really defined lower line, you can always go back in and add it!

How To Get The Perfect Brows Tutorial

Pick up some brow powder on a stiff angled brush and fill the outer 3/4.

How To Get The Perfect Brows Tutorial

Without using any more powder (just use what’s left on the brush), wiggle the brush back and forth on the inner brow. This will keep them from looking painted on.

How To Get The Perfect Brows Tutorial

That’s it! You’re done. You can finish with brow gel, if you want – I usually skip it unless it’s going to be a long night. Please let me know if you need any alternative product suggestions!

  1. genista says: May 17, 20156:47 pm

    i want to see more eyebrow tutorials ­čÖé

  2. esther says: May 29, 20152:29 pm

    Love this would love to see more.

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  4. Sara says: June 7, 20157:49 pm

    I thought this was going to be how to grow them naturally, then wax them…I’m a makeup artist, and I’ve seen better ways than to draw them on! Only old ladies who no longer grow hair should do that, and for the young women out there who are reading this, follow this multi-step pattern: (for 18-50 year olds)
    1) Grow them. For a few weeks, you’ll look quirky, so follow Keiko’s steps, but only temporarily
    2) Have them waxed into shape
    3) Ask the salon to trim and pluck them
    4) Arch them, too
    5) Every four weeks, get them re-waxed and trimmed: that will keep them healthy and youthful
    6) Don’t let them get bushy!

    • Keiko Lynn says: June 7, 20159:13 pm

      You’re welcome to your opinion, but there are many people (like me) who don’t have the option of growing them out. I have barely touched my brows my entire life, have tried growth serums and supplements to help them grow, etc. I have naturally very sparse brows and choose to fill them in.

  5. jack rott says: June 11, 20157:06 am

    Eyebrows can certainly bring a lot of change in your look and hence, you would need to make sure that they look just perfect.

  6. beauty | insert life here says: June 15, 20151:09 am

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  8. Debb says: June 26, 20151:42 pm

    I found this tutorial VERY helpful. I don’t consider myself “old” at all at 66 because I run circles around people half my age, still, when the hormones start to leave the hair goes with it so what you demonstrated here REALLY helped me improve my look. I so appreciate you doing this ~ I would like to know or “see” how you used the powder tho as that part left me guessing. THANKS!!

  9. Debb says: June 26, 20151:46 pm

    P.S. My comment about the eyebrow powder in my previous message: I meant, because there are 3 colors in that Smashbox product, I would have liked to “see” how you loaded your brush and with which colors. Sorry and thanks again for the demo ­čÖé

    • Keiko Lynn says: June 28, 20155:35 pm

      Hi, Debb! I have since switched to a different powder (just because I ran out and happened to have an eyeshadow that matched my brows) but I used the lighter of the two colors to fill. There should be two colors and the wax – you can use the wax to set your brows and then fill with the color of your choice. Usually going a shade or so lighter will give you a more natural look. I also recently started using Latisse on my lashes and brows (off label for brows, since it’s only FDA approved for upper lashes) and I’m hoping that will help them fill in, a bit!

  10. Lottie Wilkinson says: July 6, 20156:26 pm

    Hi Keiko! I LOVE your blouse, where is it from? xx

    • Keiko Lynn says: July 7, 20151:50 pm

      It’s by Corey Lynn Calter!

  11. Name says: July 8, 20152:52 pm

    Start writing here u guys r really good could u pls show us more abt d eye makeup ?

  12. Let’s hang out! | theslowpace says: July 12, 20152:07 pm

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  14. Liz says: July 30, 20159:19 pm

    Start writing here. Thanks so much for your post. I was wondering what color brow wiz pencil you used.

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  16. Theresa says: August 9, 20156:08 pm

    Love this tutorial!
    I was wondering if you knew off-hand if those products were cruelty-free/vegan-friendly?

    If not, what are some products that you can suggest for me that are?
    Thank you! ­čÖé

    • Keiko Lynn says: August 9, 20158:37 pm

      Hi Theresa! I can’t speak on whether or not they’re vegan, but Smashbox, Anastasia, Sonia Kashuk and Too Faced (which I listed as an alternative) are all labeled cruelty free. Smashbox IS owned by Estee Lauder, which sells in China (China’s government reserves the right to test on imported cosmetics), but Smashbox is not currently sold there.

  17. mercy Nwanyanwu says: August 11, 20157:35 am

    I love ur tutorial. Can pls send to my mailbox. Hw can I get these product. Am in Nigeria?
    It is just simple.

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  21. tarbbel says: September 7, 201510:09 am

    how to grow natural eye brow

  22. Elizabeth Young says: September 21, 20155:43 pm

    Thank you so much. As a former towhead blonde, now white and silver, I’ve never had visible eyebrows. And they are not thick. This tutorial was the FIRST ONE EVER that worked for me. Thanks!!

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  24. Martha says: October 9, 20152:08 pm

    Good evening. What must i use to make my eyebrows look perfect. What things are they using to make a perfect eyebrows. Where can i buy them at Edgars or Foschini?

  25. Angela C. says: October 13, 20152:43 pm

    This tutorial finally got my brow game on track! I am in my early thirties(certainly not an “old lady”) and suffer from hypothyroidism, and one of the symptoms is hair loss, especially on the outer edges of the eyebrows. After following your steps, I got tons of compliments on how rested and polished I looked. Thanks so much for the tips!

  26. Lets Talk Eyebrows! | Primp & Prime says: November 8, 201511:11 pm

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  27. Dina Preuss says: December 6, 20152:35 am

    Keiko, thank you for explaining how to do this and what products to use. I’m 51 and haven’t ever needed to worry about my brows until they thinned last year. I’ve seen this look on younger women and think it’s simply lovely (when done well they don’t look horridly fake.) It’s my first visit to your blog, but I’ll certainly be back to uncover what other gems you have here.

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  29. J.P. says: December 12, 20156:57 pm

    Hi there I found this very helpful. Could you please let me know what colors you used for the products? We have the same complexion and hair color so I would like to make sure I get the same results. Thank you for the tutorial!

    • Keiko Lynn says: December 15, 201512:06 pm

      I use Anastasia Brow Wiz is Brunette/dark brown. I can’t remember which Smashbox brow powder, because now I just use one of the shades in my Naked Basics 2 palette, but I usually pick something that says brunette or dark brown!

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  36. Mari Soberal says: February 5, 201610:15 am

    Start writing here.
    Hey! I love your blog! I was wondering what eyeliner you use in that picture?? It’s so pretty!

    • Keiko Lynn says: February 8, 20163:24 am

      Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner:)

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  38. Izzy says: February 23, 20165:17 pm

    Great tutorial, thanks! It’s funny how much more important eyebrows are these days – and not just over plucking them like we did in the early 00s! It’s all about fullness as well as shape!

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  40. Lisa says: March 28, 20162:17 pm

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your brows!! They look amazing! Thanks for the tutorial. Going to try it today. Love your lip stick as well. What color and brand is it. Thanks. ­čśŐ

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  42. Priscillla says: April 18, 20161:32 pm

    Very helpful tutorial, some of us really needed that long time ago never had thick brow hair! Stay blessed

  43. Vicky says: April 25, 20165:26 pm

    If you are interested in natural remedies that can help to grow thick eyebrows naturally, read this article:

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  45. debs says: May 26, 201610:45 am

    I have to say, that was really cool, I loved the way you got your eyebrows to be so beautiful. Thank you for showing us all how to do that.

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  48. Luv says: August 2, 20169:13 pm

    Would love to know what you used on your lips…?! Looks perfect!

    • Keiko Lynn says: August 4, 20162:38 am

      Unfortunately, this was so long ago and I’m not 100% sure! I’m sorry!

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  50. Jane says: September 15, 201610:36 pm

    Start writing here. Hey Keiko,

    I know you wrote this blog a while ago but I just came across it. Very well wrote and put together. I trained in england 2 years ago on High Definition Brows. Its Uk’s number one brow treatment as well as Ireland. Everyone know the brand there but I find its unknown in New York where I operate from.
    Was wondering if you heard of it and if you have any tips to spread awareness. I have website and social media, thinking of starting a blog but have no experience with blogging.


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  52. Caroline Lechner says: September 29, 20166:49 am

    Before I started to work as a make-up artist, I always tried to see some tutorials. Because when I was young I had no idea about brows. I always trimmed than and colored them random. But tutorials helps you a lot, I mean in general. When I started with my formation, I was very happy to have some experiance, because normally when you don’t work in this field you do not know nothing about it. Another big help is to go to a room and get an consultation. I can recommend Stylish Brows in Miami

  53. Name says: October 4, 20161:48 pm

    Wow this looks incredible! It’s amazing what a difference a good brow can make to the entire face. Not to be underestimated I think! Would you recommend brow tints?

    • Keiko Lynn says: October 4, 20164:24 pm

      Brow tinting can make a huge difference! Plus it’s temporary, so if you don’t like it you can just let it fade.

  54. Joan says: November 17, 20168:39 am

    Just have to say, you are so beautiful!! Even without filling the eyebrows in.

    Also, I am about to try putting castor oil on mine. I have seen a lot of pictures showing that it makes them grow.

    • Keiko Lynn says: November 21, 201612:26 am

      Thank you so much!

  55. Danielle says: April 12, 20172:21 pm

    Brows look great, forget about the haters in the comment section.