Outfit details:

vintage leopard coat

Stay Home Club shirt (bday gift from my best fran)
vintage Levi’s cutoffs

Alberto Fermani over the knee boots

vintage Coach bag

After two weeks of traveling in Japan and that thirteen hour time difference, I am officially back to being a member of the Stay Home Club. This shirt is actually the most appropriate thing I can think of, because if you swapped one of those cats for a dog, that’s my current life. Kitty Boos has taken to sleeping on my forehead (seriously), and the rest of them are overlapping my limbs in some way or another. They have no boundaries; I guess they missed us, just a little bit. I had such an incredible trip, and I’ll be posting more about it in the coming days, but I needed a couple of days to readjust, get some work done, and clean out my closet to make room for all of the awesome and weird/cute stuff that I brought home. I try to have a one in, one out policy, but have slacked off in the past, oh…several months. I’m trying not to be a vintage clothing hoarder, I swear!