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Apologies for my post-Halloween radio silence: I spent a few more days of quality time with my family, and then Bobby, Miku and I hit the road for a long drive home! We don’t always road trip to and from Florida, but it does make it easy to pick up and go — and it’s a good excuse for a mini adventure!...


method home with keiko lynn

It’s time for part three of our mini-series with method, bringing you everyday tips for your retro (or modern!) life. Next up? The importance of using safe ingredients in a pet friendly home, featuring our special and oh-so-talented guest Miku. Look at those moves!

Miku and our kitties are the rulers of our household — Miku in particular is the absolute queen — and they’re always our first priority....


buffalo bungalow camatta ranch

Remember that time I went to California and stayed in a house surrounded by Buffalo? You can stay there, too. Click through to read all about our stay at Camatta Ranch.