The Most Awkward Girl in Existence

Evidence, to back up my claim. This is what 90% of my photos look like: fidgeting, eyes closed, probably about to fall over:)

Mustard blouse: TJ Maxx, $5
Vintage ruffle blouse (I had to make it sleeveless, due to damage): Fellsmere Inn Estate; I paid $50 for the entire estate of vintage clothing (my mom swears it was $100…but her memory is worse than mine)
Seersucker, bow front skirt: self-made, Postlapsaria.com (retail would be $65, but I give myself a hefty discount…wink wink)
Mustard tights: H&M ($12 for two pairs)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (gift from Bobby) 

I always get a kick out of some of the comments I get on here, because many are so kind and generous with compliments. I won’t lie, it is a definite self esteem booster. Is it lame to get a self esteem boost from blog comments? Probably, but I’ll take it where I can get it. The truth is, I’m awkward as all get-out and as clumsy as they come. My friends and family get a kick out of it and most of the time, I do, too. It usually takes a lot for me to be really embarrassed – I’m so used to tripping over my own feet, falling on the subway stairs, hitting my head on everything, walking into walls, dropping food all over me, missing my mouth when taking a sip of a drink, fidgeting like a little kid. And this, completely sober. I can’t even use inebriation as an excuse.

I’ve embraced all of that, for the most part. Maybe I’m not this little bombshell who can stop a man in his tracks, but I have my moments of awesome. However, every once in awhile, I get ultra self-conscious. I’m a girl, okay? I have those days when I feel like this hopelessly unattractive, hot mess of a girl. This week, I’ve been up and down. I’ll get dressed and feel great, but then I look at the pictures and feel awful. My solution? Justin Timberlake. Whenever I’m feeling a little down about my looks, I turn on “D**n Girl” and dance around like I’m hot stuff. If I’m out, I put it on my ipod and walk around like I’m hot stuff. I pretend that he’s singing about me – and if Justin Timberlake thinks I’m hot enough to sing a song about it, then heck, I must be a catch. 

Hush your mouths, he’s totally singing about me! 

-Keiko Lynn

What do you do to boost your confidence? 

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  1. Recently, I have found Lady Gaga does the trick when I have those kinds of days. She makes me want to strut! lol. Possibly because she seems to self-assured. She owns it!

  2. I can definitely see that! I’m always a little envious of people with such confidence. My friend Kim has amazing confidence. It definitely rubs off, when I’m around her. Luckily, I will be visiting her in less than a week!

  3. This blog entry is so ridiculously cute. I couldn’t help but laugh at the “Damn Girl” comment because I won’t even lie, I do it too! *e-five*

  4. That outfit is too cute! *_*
    If I had the money I’d by that skirt right now, it’s so perfect!

    And I’m just as clumsy at you, haha! I drop everything and stumble over all. It doesn’t make me feel bad about myself though, I know I’m awesome, intelligent and worth-while and my looks are just secondary.

  5. I think that you have one of the most amazing wardrobes I have ever seen. Very envious of your style, and love your uniqueness :]

    To boost my confidence, I look at a picture where I was looking really nice, haha, kinda goofy.

  6. I know the feeling about not being embarassed about being arkward anymore. I am use to it, also! It’s actually a joke between me and my boyfriend. He cares around a first aid kit – just in case!

    I love reading your blog, Keiko. It’s very different to others out there. *smiles* Keep up the working!

  7. you are so cute! to boost my confidence i fish for compliments to my boyfriend haha. or have a nice long bath and pamper myself and put all my make up on.

  8. It never ceases to astound me that girls who are as drop dead gorgeous, talented and lovely as you have ‘off’ days too – I guess it just goes to show that we are all human! My confidence boosting trick is to just pretend that I am confident even if I don’t feel it – soon I find that I don’t have to pretend anymore!

  9. Shut up, I love your awkwardness. You are one of my favourite bloggers ever and to me you always look superb, even when your nose is red and you have fever.
    To be fair, you are one of these people I would like to be if I wasn’t myself.
    So seriously, shut up 🙂

  10. Dear Keiko Lynn, this outfit made me realize once again how much I adore your sense of colour. I am a huge fan of the way that you work with two colours throughout an entire outfit, having them appear even in the smallest details. I find this kind of attention to colour amazing because it is something I also try to do when I pick my outfits. To me you are a perfect example of how coordinating colours can be really exciting and the combinations you chose are always so original and new.
    So I am looking forward to seeing many more beautiful, inspiring, colourful outfits on your blog.

  11. I’ve noticed the ego-stoking capabilities of blogging too. Normally, getting comments makes me feel good about myself. But if I get a mean comment, it ruins my whole day.
    And you and I are sisters in awkwardness. I swear, whenever I drink any kind of colored liquid, it inevitably ends up on my shirt. And I trip over my feet in flats.

  12. Fortunately the best confidence boosts are the easiest. Just like for you, good music is the absolute best. I just put my headphones on and wear the highest possible heels, which makes me taller than most people, always a good giggle :).
    It’s horrible and yet nice at the same time, to know that someone as gorgeous as you have the same struggles as the rest of us. So thank you for being so open about it :).

  13. it seems like a silly thing… but i create something. a painting, a hair piece, a scrapbook page.

    the creative process restores my self confidence for some reason.

    thanks for sharing so much inspiration.

  14. I love your clothing confidence and the bold colors and combinations you wear, and your makeup and hair are always perfectly done. I can’t help but notice though that nearly all of your skirts and dresses seem just-too-short for you. That even just a few inches would make them so much more flattering. The shortness makes it look as though you are trying to get into something that doesn’t quite fit, or like an outfit you outgrew a few years ago. I notice this is true for both the clothes you buy and make, so I wonder if you just aren’t noticing. I hope you are not offended, I just wanted to give some constructive comments. I appreciate that you share your fashion with the world and enjoy reading your blog.

  15. That skirt is just too cute :).

    A nice bit of Justin Timberlake always saves the day! I’m definitely with you on that one!

    And don’t worry about falling over – I’ve had some pretty spectacular falls lately. I like to think its endearing! 🙂


  16. I listen to certain songs to boost me up. Anything by Travis really makes me happy, cause they’re just so awesome, positive, realistic and write beautiful melodies (I Love You Anyways by them is amazing). I also like songs that are overtly shmarmy and have that “I’m totally hitting on you with my song” feel, like Hawksley Workman – Striptease, Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You and if all else fails Lady Gaga, Beyonce and No Doubt to dance around too. Also, a day out with my mom helps, cause she loves to give us kids compliments.

  17. Hi Keiko Lynn!
    Whenever I’m feeling down, it always helps to get dressed up in a great outfit, done up make-up etc. and go out on the town with my boyfriend. Even if it’s just walking around or going on a dinner date…I love being part of the hustle and bustle. I hardly ever leave the apartment lately and that leaves me feeling dull and less glamourous. =) Since you look stunning everyday, that may not be a problem for you. I love reading this blog, please keep it up!

    Jen Vegas aka. hellakitty from livejournal

  18. I get a kick out of blog comments too 🙂
    Your outfits and make up are always so perfect, its quite refreshing to know you are a bit of a klutz in real life! It certainly doesn’t come across in the photos.

  19. Whoa, that is one sweet skirt!

    Anyway, everyone knows when you look better, you feel better. So, whenever I need a boost I take some time out to take a relaxing bath and then get all dolled up. It generally works and puts me in a good mood.

  20. Hi! I just found you on flickr and had to check our your blog because I loved the picture! Well, now I love your blog too. Your photos and outfits are awesome! I’ll be checking back! 🙂

  21. Eyeliner! I always wear kohl because I feel that nothing can go wrong when I have kohl. Keiko, you are so like me, from childhood, there are times when I act clumsily or say something stupid. And I have got embarrassed when I was young a number of times that when I do a mistake or act clumsily, I just laugh and say, oops! When you laugh at yourself, nobody can tease you. That’s best way to deal the situation.

    By the way, lovely dress as always.

  22. Hi Keiko!
    I just found your blog… I wanted to let you know that you are the dang cutest girl I have ever seen! I absolutely love your style. I love seeing what outfits you come up with, you're just beautiful!

    When I need a self esteem boost, I get my hair cut… That and flirting my face off.


  23. Please stop with the Most Awkward Girl in Existence type… I don’t know… moping? I come here to look at fashion and buy your clothing and lately every other post is some off putting lament about something. You are a beautiful girl with a great sense of style and talent. I’m sure you have your awkward days, but more and more these posts sound like skinny girls complaining that they are fat.

  24. I am also extremely clumsy and I think in a way it can be charming. I really can only laugh at how I trip over the floor at the grocery store or on the grass when taking a walk outside.

  25. I’m pretty much as clumsy as they come. I’ve tripped backwards on a stage in a skirt (while wearing RUNNING SHOES), spilled hot chocolate all over myself while sitting, slipped in the lobby of busy office buildings, tripped walking UP stairs… and the list goes on. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be graceful. It’s ok, though. I have come to accept the fact that this clumsiness is juts a mere part of my quirky personality and it’s a great conversation piece. haha!

    To boost my confidence, I usually play with make up. I rarely leave the house with make up on (despite the fact I have oodles of eyeshadows and eyeliners), so whenever I feel like crap in the mornings, i’ll quickly throw some on. Wearing a cute outfit helps too!

  26. Moping? If there is anything I have been moping about, it hasn’t been about being “fat” or awkward. I’m sorry, but a girl is allowed to have those self conscious days, and this entire post was about getting out of that mindset and making yourself feel great. In almost every photo, I’m smiling and happy. I vent about little things because this blog is an outlet. It’s not consuming my life, but it’s nice to vent a little.

    Honestly, I’m glad that people enjoy my blog but I do this for me. I can’t please everyone and I don’t try to, because that’s absolutely fake. I write about what I’m feeling at this exact moment, just as I post pictures about what I’m currently wearing. It’s my little collection of personal current events.

  27. i love looking at your blog to be honest, and from your pictures i wouldnt have had a clue you feel that way! you seem very confident, and youre very pretty so theres no reason for you to think otherwise!
    on a bad day i personally like singing along to music i like, or maybe looking at pictures of myself that i do like and thinking, yeah i look okay! of course having a lovely boyfriend helps too 🙂

  28. what a cute dress! I love that you paired it with such a bold color.

    oh my gosh, please tell me what lovely lipstick you are wearing! as a matter of fact, I often find myself admiring your lipstick in your photos, perhaps you could list it as you often do with the eye products that you use =)

    speaking of which, one thing that really boosts my confidence is a brand new lipstick!

  29. Hi Keiko,
    I love this blog because you are so real and open with how you’re feeling. If you were only “perfect” with beautiful pictures, I’d probably read a little bit once and not come back. But I love seeing your creative outfits and hearing about your ups and downs. It’s great to know that I (and lots of other girls who read this blog) aren’t the only ones who feel awkward taking pictures or do klutzy things!