bear hug!

(photos by Katy of sugarlaws.com)
Outfit Details:
Bear Hug Coat – courtesy of Spotted Moth
DKNY lace and chiffon top – courtesy of DKNY for winning the Cozy Style Off
vintage chiffon jacket – Beacon’s Closet
tights – HUE
Coach Ginger Leather Satchel – courtesy of Coach
vintage yellow leather skirt – borrowed from Samara (it was her mom’s!)lipstick – MAC Pro longwear lipcreme in Unlimited

When I was in elementary school, a tiny kitten named Mittens followed my big sister Nicole and me to school. And by followed, I mean we coaxed her the entire way there and possibly picked her up and brought her into the classroom, but still. Nicole’s teacher called my mom and she came to pick her up and it was all around adorable, but that same year, my snakes, Slick and Slimy, followed me to school (do you see a trend?) and made me show them to my kindergarten teacher. This was not quite as adorable; I don’t think Mrs. Stevens ever looked at me the same way. The point is, animals follow me, even if I occasionally leave a path of treats behind me or put them in my backpack.

This is why I don’t own a black coat. I used to, but it was too much of a hassle with these furry critters and their shedding. Miku is just one big fluff ball, and I swear my mom sought out the sheddingest (this is not a real word) kitties she could rescue before giving them to us. I say this because magically, her animals barely shed. Mine, however. They even defy the magic of the furminator. No amount of furminating, vacuuming, sweeping or lint rolling will keep stray hairs off my clothes. It’s a constant battle. I would love to hear your secrets – but keep in mind that Miku needs lots of hugs, so keeping her away from my clothes is out of the question.

That being said, when I borrowed this amazing yellow skirt from my dear friend Samara, I had the grand idea of letting it be the focal point and pairing it with all black and some bright lipstick. Though I had no black coat, Spotted Moth sent me this cozy sweater coat, akin to wearing a teddy bear and therefore right up my alley. I carefully placed it in a garment bag and kept the little critters away from my closet. I waited to put it on until I got outside, safely away – and I carried a lint roller in my bag for emergency stray hairs. Despite my utmost effort in tricking the fashion world into thinking I live in a critter-free zone, I still found a Miku hair here, a Vester hair there. I could just hear Kim saying, “Perro! Gato!” as I picked off the stray hairs, and I almost looked behind me to see if Miku was in tow. But alas, the days of coaxing tiny animals to follow me around seem to be behind me.

I wish I could say it’s because I’m all grown up, but it’s really just that I wouldn’t want them crossing these busy streets.

p.s. I was beyond flattered when this outfit landed me a spot in NY Mag’s The Cut, as one of the most stylish people at fashion week. What a nice surprise!

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