Outfit Details:
lace collared shirt – H&M
American Living sweater – borrowed from Bobby
skirt (with pockets, yay!) – Urban Outfitters (several years ago)
tights – courtesy of the Kmart Concierge during NYFW (they brought them to me when I got a run in my tights!)
Seychelles Hawk Wedges – GiltMAC clutch – courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff, from the Bloglovin’ Awards

Sometimes, when I really like a pair of shoes, I get them in all available colors. When Gilt had these on sale for half the original price, I bought them without hesitation. They are so comfortable; I can walk in them all day. I’m jumping ahead of myself here, with current pictures even though I have a ton to post from last week. After a crazy week, Bobby and I couldn’t wait to have one leisurely day of thrifting, eating and more eating. There’s something to be said about borrowing your boyfriend’s sweater: it might not provide the most figure flattering silhouette, but it does help to hide your food baby.

Speaking of babies, my little sister Amanda is pregnant with her second kid! It better be a girl.

Kidding. Sort of.

p.s. Are you coming to the R&Em launch tonight?

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