social outings for a crazy dog lady

Outfit Details:
Grey asymmetric top – courtesy of LuLu*s
lace skirt – courtesy of ModCloth (currently out of stock but this one looks pretty)
sunglasses (new wayfarer) – Ray-Ban
woodstock bag – R&Em coat – courtesy of Asian iCandygrey hawk wedges – SeychellesHue socks – TJ Maxx?belt – thrifted

If you follow me on twitter, you probably already know what my past couple of days have been like. Miku and I had a trip to the emergency vet last night, and a follow up for x-rays and blood work today. By “trip to the emergency vet,” I mean that I immediately scooped Miku up under my arm and power-walked to the vet while crying like a baby. Though I am trying to remain optimistic that it’s just a bout of indigestion (she vomited several times and is really lethargic), I am beside myself while waiting for her blood test results to come back. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for Miku and me that she feels better and the results come back with good news. I have a sad little pup on my hands right now, and I’m watching her like an overprotective, crazy mother. I check on her every five minutes to make sure she is breathing – I am crazy. My best friend Lauren, who has years of veterinary experience and is doing her best to talk me off the ledge, told me that I’m never allowed to have children. It’s a good thing I don’t want any, because I couldn’t possibly love them as much as I love my dog.

So, in an effort to curb my crazy while Miku is napping (so she can actually rest), I’m posting pictures from a happier day. About a week or so ago, Kim came in from Philly and Christine and I joined her for lunch and a little shopping. I rarely get out for anything purely social, since I’m forever chained to my sewing machine and my stupid computer (I say stupid because it’s a lemon). Getting together with these two wonderful girls was such a nice change of pace. Check out their blogs to see what they were wearing! If you don’t follow them already, I suggest you do, because they are very cool and down-to-earth ladies. And you know, not crazy like me.

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