Best Friends Means Friends Forever

Outfit Details:
vintage dress – Fellsmere Inn findlace shirt (underneath) – H&M (last year, not current)
belt – from my mom’s shop, Hourglass Consignment
oxfords – courtesy of Wantedbag – courtesy of Coach
glasses – Ray-Ban

Considering I live rather close to Prospect Park, I’m embarrassed to admit that I have never explored it in its entirety. I pretty much stick to the open field near Prospect Park West, the duck pond, and the circumference. Why? Because I’m afraid I’ll never find my way out and it will become another Blair Witch Project sequel. Or, maybe sometimes I’m lazy.

Lauren and I ended up covering a great deal of the park, which just gets prettier and prettier the more you explore. By the end of our excursion, we were tired, hot and had aching feet. I called Bobby and had him pick us up. There was no way we were walking four miles back home! Plus, you know, Blair Witch.

If you’ve been reading my blog a long time, you might remember Lauren. If not, meet Lauren! We’ve been best friends since we met in 6th grade. Having her here was exactly what I needed, and I admittedly sulked all day after she left. We’ve been friends for sixteen years (holy crap!) and I miss her all the time, but I know we’ll be friends forever. She’s a part of the family.

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