southern belle

Outfit Details:
hat – J.Crew
dress – c/o Jolie and Elizabeth, a New Orleans based clothing line
heels – c/o Sophie Theallet for Nine Westlove at first sight hobo – c/o Rebecca Minkoff
belt – thrifted
vintage bracelets – Hourglass Consignment
glasses – Ray-Ban

If you know anything about Florida you probably know that the farther South you go, the less Southern it gets. I’m from South Florida, and if I ever claimed myself as Southern in front of my real-deal Southern relatives, I might get a smack in the face, followed by a “Bless her heart.” That’s how they soften the blow.

I’m no dyed-in-the-wool Southern country girl but I’m no true city or suburbs girl, either. I guess I’m somewhere in between, always trying to find some sort of balance. I grew up barrel racing and catching toads (who were always named Fred – always), barefoot in the dirt and covered in horse hair. I live in the city now (and love it), but I still feel more comfortable in a pasture full of horses than I will ever feel in a room full of people – I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it. If only I could have a pasture full of horses just outside of the city. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

Though they’ve had a long time to adjust, there are still members of my family (I’m looking at you, Grandma) who still can’t believe I wear makeup and dresses…and moved to the NYC. Truth be told, I sometimes can’t believe it, either. Life is funny.

p.s. this was Thursday’s cancelled post – I’ll be posting more of last week’s posts this week. I’ll try and catch up as soon as possible.

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