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Popsicle Print Off The Shoulder Dress

popsicle off the shoulder dress
Outfit Details:
The WhitePepper Popsicle print off the shoulder dress (on sale for $59)

heart sunglasses (only $4!)

Swedish Hasbeens Braided Sky High Heels

Papillionaire bicycle

Even though summer was almost over by the time it went on sale, I couldn’t resist ordering this popsicle print off the shoulder dress. My only gripe is that it wrinkles pretty easily…but my hope is that the popsicle print distracts the eye from any creases that pop up throughout the day. Also, I definitely ate a matching popsicle, while wearing this dress. Why I didn’t take a photo on that momentous occasion is beyond me.

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  1. Mallory says:

    Those shoes are so beautiful! I have been wanting a pair of Swedish Hasbeens for a while now.
    This outfit is just perfect! You look stunning! 🙂


  2. Rabecca CHepkoech says:

    Love this outfit so much! It’s so girly and flirty 🙂

  3. Aurora says:

    My oh my Keiko, you are so gorgeous honey!
    And your dress is amazeballz ♡
    I’m a bit nervous actually ‘cos I’m about to post an outfit post for the first time. I am plus sized and prepared for battle haha 😛