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Roxy’s Bedroom Makeover – Before and After!

room makeover keiko lynn

Since most of my family lives in South Florida, I spend a lot of time there. So much, in fact, that many of you seem to think I live there (I don’t – I live in Brooklyn). Bobby, Miku, and I always stay at my sister’s house, and we sleep in my niece’s bedroom…in a bunk bed. My nephew also has bunk beds in his room, so she goes and sleeps in there. Kids love bunk beds, don’t they? I am not the biggest fan, I would much prefer to be in my own king mattress, but then everyone loves their own bed don’t they! When we were little, my older sister and I had them, when we shared a room, and I preferred sleeping on the top bunk. I even had them when I first moved to NYC, because I had a teeny tiny room but still wanted a place for my guests to sleep. But now, I just can’t deal. I guess (slash know) that it’s the addition of another sleeping companion, who isn’t that easy to sleep with, as it is. Bobby snores, kicks, talks in his sleep, and grinds his teeth. Recently, he did this super weird thing where – while completely asleep – he opened his eyes really wide and pointed at me, making circles in the air, sufficiently freaking me the heck out. That’s quite enough on a normal day, in our sad little full-size bed, but add in an oppressive bunk bed that makes me feel like I’m in a stuffy cave with a snoring, hibernating bear with tattoos…let’s just say that I end up moving to the couch, sometimes.

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There’s a point to this story, and I’ll get to it before I go on too many tangents. Recently, Roxy Mae (aforementioned little niece) mentioned that she wanted to redecorate her room, and get rid of her bunk beds. She is now ten, officially the age of double digits, and wanted a more grown-up-but-not-too-grown-up decor of woodland creatures, with a color palette of peach, cream, and gold. With the holidays approaching quickly, I asked my sister if I could help give her a room makeover, just in time for it to be a Christmas gift – both to her, and to her guests: us. Sleep Innovations offered to send her one of their memory foam mattresses, and even sent a beautiful new bed frame…no bunk in sight!

room makeover keiko lynn 1room makeover keiko lynn 2room makeover keiko lynn 3room makeover keiko lynn 4room makeover keiko lynn 5room makeover keiko lynn 6

With the help of Roxy’s direction, I went on a mad-dash mission to find new bedding and decor, while Bobby, my brother-in-law, and stepdad painted the walls and did all of the hanging. I’m a big believer in utilizing what you have, shopping second-hand, and DIYing where possible. In addition to finding some things in my mom’s consignment shop, I bought the frames (which house the cute animal hangings) and a few trinkets at a thrift shop. Bobby spray-painted her previously pink ROXY sign with gold and glitter, and we bought cheap, plastic animals and spray painted them, as well. The tree came from the holiday decor section of the store, and I got some mix and match bedding, pillows, and contrasting throws at Target and Anthropologie. I bought the handmade “Wild Heart” banner a long time ago, from Emerging Thoughts, and Roxy decided to hang it from her new bed frame.

room makeover keiko lynn 7room makeover keiko lynn 8room makeover keiko lynn 9room makeover keiko lynn 10room makeover keiko lynn 11

The heart and star lights (which are around the other window) are my answer to a night light, and give the room such a relaxing feel. But let’s be honest, the part that I’m most excited about is the new bed! It’s just as much a present to myself and Bobby, as it is to Roxy. Since it’s memory foam, it shipped in a vacuum packed box, and we received it right before we went on our annual Disney trip. FYI, we ended up picking the TAYLOR 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, which has a medium-firm feel and a cooling top layer, which is perfect for people who get hot while they’re sleeping (aka both Bobby and Roxy). Thankfully, I got my first full night of sleep in that dreamy, cozy bed. Not even Bobby’s snoring could wake me. And though there are minor changes I still want to make (like the curtains on the closet, which I’m planning on replacing with a lighter shade), Roxy is thrilled with her new room. Nothing makes me happier than making my family happy!

room makeover keiko lynn 13


P.S. You can enter to win your own Sleep Innovations mattress by posting a photo of your own holiday sleeping situation, using the #SINoPlaceLikeHome hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram through 12/31/15. The five winners must follow Sleep Innovations accounts on the corresponding social media, and will be messaged directly by their team. PLUS, for every use of their hashtag, they’re donating $1 to Stand Up for Kids’ health and wellness program, which provides medical and well-being services to homeless youth across the country, up to $5,000.

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  1. Marsya says:

    I’m 17 and still has that childhood bed. Really want to redecorate my room but there’s too plenty of stuff in there in that shoebox room. Anyway love the transformation! Nice 🙂

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      That’s the biggest difference you can make – just minimizing your stuff! But I know that is such a difficult thing to do…I’m a sentimental person and have a hard time parting with my things.

  2. Louise says:

    This is so cute. The perfect combination between little girl and young woman. I love the animals, the colours, the bed, everything!


  3. Bree Morgan says:

    Wow!!! Great job on the room makeover. It looks beautiful!

  4. Courtney says:

    It looks great! She’s getting so big! I remember when your sister was that age and Roxy was a baby back in the LJ days! Ahh!! Time flies!

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      Thank you! You’re telling me. I can’t believe how grown up they are!

  5. Vera says:

    I just recently did my daughters room in this shade of peach and absolutely love it! You all did such a beautiful job!!!

  6. Adrienne says:

    She is such a cute kid. Very deserving of a lovely new room. On the snoring boyfriend thing, have you guys tried Breathe Right strips? I swear they’ve saved my relationship. My boyfriend snores, talks, and flails in his sleep. Hard to hate them when they’re so cute 🙂

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      He used to use them, but he stopped! He also tried these weird things that went up his nose, which kind of worked but were probably uncomfortable. I want him to try the strips, again. It’s so hard to sleep!

  7. Maeghan says:

    I’m obsessed with that bed frame…do you know where it’s from?!
    Amazing transformation!

    • Keiko Lynn says:! Thank you:)

  8. Michelle says:

    Love the transformation! Where did you get the animal figures from? Looking to do something similar 🙂

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      I bought plastic figurines from Target and spray painted them gold!

  9. Olivia says:

    Perfectly timed post. I’ve fallen out of love with my bedroom , bought new mattress and needed some inspiration. Love the airiness of the white details. I think that’s the direction I’m leaning…