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Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette Tutorial


Too Faced is a longtime favorite brand of mine — partially because I love their products, but also because I’m a huge sucker for cute packaging. I wouldn’t buy it if the insides didn’t match the exterior, though (I’m not that much of a sucker), so they’re not just sitting pretty in my makeup drawer. Side note: I was so bummed when Sephora stopped carrying two of my constants, their tinted beauty balm and perfect pink lip liner, but at least I can still order on their site (note to Too Faced: do not discontinue). My most recent addition — which was sent to me by the brand, to preview — is the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette, and since I had little time to test it out, I packed it in my Florida-bound suitcase. I’ve been so busy with the kids, it took getting hit with a cold and being forced to stay home, in order to get me to do some makeup photos. I decided to recreate “Sugar Smoke,” one of the three looks they provide in the package (so handy!), and demonstrate each step for you. Follow the steps for this easy-peasy Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette tutorial, below!

  1. Sweep “Satin Sheets” from crease to brow.
  2. Blend “Pecan Praline” into crease.
  3. Press “Café au Lait” onto inner lid
  4. Smudge”Café au Lait” onto lower lash line.
  5. Blend “Earl Grey” in outer V.
  6. Smoke “Earl Grey” into outer lower lash line.
  7. Add liner (optional, but since I barely have lashes…somewhat necessary).
  8. Finish with mascara. Done!

P.S. I’m wearing Kat Von D “Lolita” Studded Kiss Lipstick🙂

P.P.S. Too Faced has 50% off all of their sale items…go!!

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  1. Johnna LaFaith says:

    This is SO pretty. I love this look. Also, thanks for sharing the lip color, it’s perfect.

  2. Olives&Sesames says:

    stunning, i love how simple yet dramatic this look is.

  3. ariefsigli says:

    nice product; with a beautiful model (y)

  4. kamila says:

    You’re gorgeous 🙂

  5. Lillee says:

    Gorgeous look!!!!

  6. sarah says:

    I’m definitely trying this! You look sooo beautiful.

  7. LYNSAY says:

    I would never normally reach for chocolate brown shades but blended with the other eyeshadows in the palatte it looks amazing and really wearable! Such a cute look! X