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Makeup Monday: Urban Decay | Gwen Stefani Collection Lipstick and 24/7 Lip Liner Lip Swatches

I tried something a little different, for today’s Makeup Monday: video! I’ve always been hesitant about video — it’s such a different world for me — but I’m trying to get acquainted with it a little better, so I can bring you some more in-depth makeup tutorials. Consider this quick collection, of the Urban Decay | Gwen Stefani Collection Lipstick and 24/7 Lip Liner lip swatches, my way of dipping my toe in the pond. Naturally, since it’s Gwen Stefani’s collection (and she was heavily involved with Urban Decay’s team, from start to finish), there are a lot of reds in different shades and finishes, a couple of pinks, and a sheer neutral for your “Underneath It All” moment. Remember the end of that video? I lived for that whole scene. And you know I live for lipsticks. I love the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette (see my post, here) and the blush palette may actually be my favorite part of the collection, but Urban Decay + Gwen Stefani + lipsticks…that just makes more sense than anything.

Check out all eight shades of lipsticks and their corresponding lip pencils in the video, above : Firebird, Spiderweb, Phone Call, Plaid, Ex-girlfriend, Wonderland, Rocksteady, and 714. Several shades sold out quickly, of course, but I’m sure they’ll be restocking soon. Firebird and 714 are my personal favorites — I love their pigmentation and finishes. What are yours?


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  1. sasa says:

    Great video! Thank you for sharing<3

    Shall We Sasa

  2. Snapshot Fashion says:

    LOVE THIS COLLECTION! I can’t wait to try it. Rocksteady looks amazing on you. As much as I love all the other colors, I’m always drawn to a red lip.

  3. Miranda says:

    Beautiful video Keiko! I was hoping that you would review the lipsticks. I’m torn on which shades to get because they all look so stunning!

  4. Leahsephira says:

    Awesome video 🙂 and those lipsticks seem amazing, I’d like to get my hands on the 714!

  5. josie says:

    Ex girlfriend looks amazing on you!