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60s Vintage Dress

Outfit Details:

red beret (I’ve had it forever but this one is similar)

vintage 60s dress

Levi’s denim jacket 

Mulder & Scully patch

Karen Walker “Starburst” sunglasses

Too Faced “Lady Balls” Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick

Free People mary janes (super on sale!)


I like statement pieces, which is why my closet is packed with vintage dresses, coats, and separates. But in an effort to be more practical and take up less space, I have started weeding out some of my lesser worn statement pieces and highlighting more of the versatile basics in my closet. What gets me to wear a piece more often? Finding little ways of dressing it up, like this sweet Mulder and Scully patch that instantly made this denim jacket one of my go-tos.

Let’s not go crazy, though: there are lots of pieces I will never part with. I’m not paring down to the basics, I’m just downsizing a bit. That means I’ll be having another closet sale (both online and at my studio) very soon; I’ve already filled up a pretty large U-Haul box and have more to go. I’d like to get to a point where I am always wearing the pieces in my closet, instead of letting them sit untouched forever. No matter how pretty a piece is, it shouldn’t sit around taking up space.

Wait. I just read that last sentence and rolled my eyes at myself, because even though it’s probably true, it is not something I live by.

Who am I kidding? I am the girl who bought a different color of my 70s gown because I felt that it should be with its sister dress. I mean, let’s not have me teach any Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up courses anytime soon. Baby steps.

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  1. Hahaha I totally get it – I also believe more is more. I collect pretty things and if you want to call me a hoarder that’s okay with me. Fashion is cyclical and I’ve been around long enough to see almost everything come back in style. So if something is well made or unique I just can’t let go.

    And that patch is perfection. So sad it’s sold out.

    • I can totally see that! I made a lot of dresses with yokes, collars, buttons, and tie necks. This is all of those!

  2. Love the outfit! Really inspirational!
    I actually have a beret similar to this that`s been a gift and is sitting in my closet like it`s the ugly duckling. Shame on me! 🙁
    I`m better with bags-I handcraft them. 🙂