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90s Knotted Half Updo Hair Tutorial

got2b 90s style knotted half updo hair tutorial

I remember the exact hairstyle and outfit that I wore for my high school orientation in 1998 — yep, 1998. I was wearing a Titanic baby tee (actually, more of a shrunken camisole due to the lack of sleeves), corduroy bell bottoms from either Contempo Casuals or Wet Seal, and my hair was half up and tied in knots. Let’s be clear: I felt very good about my whole look. Nothing says cool girl like a shirt that features Leonardo DiCaprio and the dramatization of a tragic event, you know what I mean? But the bell bottoms and the hair really sealed the deal. When got2b asked me to create a new hair tutorial for you all, I was feeling pretty nostalgic. So in the spirit of nostalgia and my 90s loving self, let’s recreate my knotted half updo. Minus the  baby bangs. I’m not cutting them that short just for a tutorial, you guys. Follow my step by step tutorial (watch the video to see it in action) for this 90s style knotted half updo, and get your product coupons here to save some money!

90s style knotted half updo

  1. Spray damp hair with got2b Mess-merizing Sculpting Spritz for texture
  2. Rough dry hair, scrunching as you go
  3. Take a section of hair at the top of your head
  4. Section in 3 ponytails (secure with elastics)
  5. Gently tease each ponytail
  6. Wrap each ponytail loosely into a bun (like a swirl!)
  7. Secure with bobby pins
  8. Take another piece from the side and wrap around the outer bun, pulling back and then around to the front
  9. Pin and repeat on the other side. This part is optional, but here’s why I do it: it marries the knots together and creates a more gradual transition from the knots to the loose hair.
  10. Use a tiny amount of got2b Mess-merizing Texturizing Putty on the ends of your bangs and any loose ends to make them piece-y
  11. Finish with got2b Mess-merizing Texturizing Hairspray


This post was made in partnership with got2b. 

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  1. Danielle says:

    I wish you had a picture of yourself on that day! I started high school in 1997, so I feel ya. It’s weird to see all that 90’s stuff coming back. I have to say, looking back I’m not proud of how we dressed back then, but the hairstyles were pretty cool. Loving this look. Sort of an updated punk.

  2. Jo says:

    Very cute! Thanks for the tutorial, might try it these days 🙂

  3. Samantha Lee says:

    Long live the 90s!! I love that those styles are coming back, as I was a kid during those years and didn’t get to fully embrace the fashion. I shared an outfit inspired by the 90s if you’d like to check it out. 🙂

  4. Babs says:

    What is the lip Color? Thanks.

  5. Viktor says:

    My smallest one just asked me to do this for her 🙂