7 easy halloween makeup tutorials to try
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7 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials You Should Try

Halloween is just around the corner, so I’m putting together some costume ideas! You all probably know by now that I loveΒ Halloween, and one of my favorite things is to make a costume out of makeup. I put together 7 of my easy Halloween makeup tutorials to give you some ideas to try out yourself. Don’t be intimidated — these are easy to recreate! Make sure to pin my Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials image for future reference, and tag your looks on instagram with #keikoheartshalloweenΒ for easy sharing. Stay tuned for way more costume ideas!

easy deer makeup tutorial for halloween, fawn makeup
Easy Deer Makeup Tutorial // Fawn Makeup

cartoon makeup tutorial for halloween

Cartoon Makeup Tutorial


Queen of Hearts


Grayscale Makeup Tutorial

harlequin doll makeup tutorial

Harlequin Doll Makeup Tutorial

hedwig and the angry inch costume makeup tutorial

Hedwig And The Angry Inch Makeup Tutorial

pop art halloween makeup tutorial

Pop Art Makeup Tutorial


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  1. Gabriela Mendez says:

    I did the deer make up last year and got great compliments on it. I did my own DIY antlers from Lauren Conrad, had my own flower headband already, and then this awesome make up and I was good to go! Thanx so much Keiko, I was broke and needed and last minute costume and this was a great option! Big fan!