pink and red outfit, river island bright pink cardigan
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pink and red

miami, florida

pink and red outfit, river island bright pink cardigan

pink and red outfit, river island bright pink cardiganpink and red outfit, river island bright pink cardigan

pink and red outfit, river island bright pink cardiganpink and red outfit, river island bright pink cardigan

Red and pink mural by MadC in Wynwood, Miami. The rest were photographed outside of R&R Studios in Wynwood.


Outfit Details:

River Island bright pink chunky knit cardigan

red camisole (also available in pink)

Madewell 9″ rise jeans

Sam Edelman “Lorene” red slingback heels (available in other colors, too!)

Miu Miu round sunglasses

Kate Spade heart cross body bag (old — I love this one the most, but this one is pretty similar and also inexpensive)

red beret via Nordstrom Rack (this one looks similar)

Smashbox “Bang Bang” liquid lipstick

Luxy hair seamless hair extensions in dark brown


Though we’ve had our new apartment since mid November, we’ve spent less than two weeks here, so far. Between holidays, a wedding, a family trip, and an overlap with our old apartment, it really feels like we just moved in. We’re still unpacking boxes and our internet still hasn’t been set up. Truth be told, it’s kind of nice to be [slightly] disconnected. When I was visiting family in Florida, I limited my time online by a lot — I really needed a bit of a break. And now that I’m back, my internet is limited to my phone’s personal hotspot. It’s slow, I don’t like using it, and it gives me more of an excuse to be productive in other ways. Like doing laundry. Did I mention I actually have a washer and dryer, now? With every move, a new upgrade: my first place had no closets or dishwasher, my second place had both. My third place had central air, and now I have a washer and dryer and outdoor space. Honestly, it probably sounds like nothing to most of you, but that’s a really big deal in NYC. It only took me a whole year to find this place, and more than ten to get to the point where I could even dream of having such luxuries. Oh, to be able to do my own laundry without schlepping it to a laundromat. I never thought I would actually enjoy that, but I do. Does that mean I’m an adult?

Now, onto this pink and red outfit. It’s one of my favorite color combos, and not exclusive to Valentine’s Day for me! I wanted to post a more wintry outfit, but listen, this is usually as Winter as it gets in Florida — and so many of my Florida photos don’t get posted because of the lack of seasons lining up. I say “usually” because it’s been an unusually chilly winter, even for Florida. I had a group chat with my family about the frozen iguanas and how they need to move them into the sun to thaw them out. True story: the iguanas are freezing and falling out of trees, but they might not be dead. They just need to be moved to a sunny spot where they can warm up. Give them a blankie and a little snuggle. Florida is weird, and I don’t think I totally realized that until I moved to another state. I remember thinking, “Wait, where are all the lizards?”

I don’t really know how I got from laundry to lizards, but I think that’s my classic stream of consciousness style of “writing” kicking in at 2 AM on a technically Tuesday. Laundry luxuries, pink and red outfit, Florida Winter, save the iguanas. Yes, ma’am, I do believe that’s a cohesive story worth publishing.




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  1. Sandra says:

    Thanks for the great outfits. The bag is so nice <3

  2. Venus says:

    absolutely love everything, Id love to pull off a chunky sweater like you but Im short and the sweater will make me disappear :O
    the whole frozen iguana falling off of trees kinda freaks me out haha
    but good luck unpacking xoxo

  3. Shloka says:

    Hope youre loving the new place and I love this combination. Pink and red is an amazing combo and I love your sunglasses too!


  4. Amber says:


  5. Rach says:

    Moving and unpacking is such a process! Hopefully you guys can settle in soon! I also love this pink and red outfit! So cute!

  6. patricia says:

    Love this post! Your outfits are awesome and sound very chic!! that knitwear sweater really looks so awesome Great pics too and thank you for sharing. Keep up the great work because I love your blog.<3