joanna vargas triple crown facial
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Skin Care Spotlight: My Favorite Facial in NYC

New York, New York

joanna vargas triple crown facial
joanna vargas triple crown facial

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I’ve been going to Joanna Vargas for at least two years, maybe three. I used to go somewhere else where everyone was trained differently, and your facial could vary widely from one esthetician to the next. Some were great, some were horrific. I stopped altogether when my go-to gal left and I had a couple of really bad experiences that left my normally great (but somewhat sensitive) skin in horrible shape. I ended up going to Joanna Vargas after asking my friend Amy Keller (of glowing skin and natural beauty) for a recommendation. After one visit, I ended up buying a full package. That never happens. That’s how I happy I was with their services at Joanna Vargas. I went with their signature Triple Crown facial, a combination of microdermabrasion, microcurrent, and oxygen-infused therapy. It’s not the extractions kind of facial (though they have those, too!) — this is one to refine, lift, and tone your skin. I leave with smooth, glowing skin. Everything feels lifted. It’s like magic.

If my pores need some deep cleaning, I get their oxygen purifying facial (or go for a peel), but most of the time I maintain with the Triple Crown. That’s really where their service sings — it’s gentle yet effective (perfect for sensitive skin), and provides both instant gratification and preventative benefits through longterm collagen and elastic production.

joanna vargas triple crown facialAfter an initial skin assessment, it starts with a diamond-tip microdermabrasion, which gently exfoliates and removes dull skin cells.


joanna vargas triple crown facialNext is cleansing and applying a natural mask. There were bits of actual kale in this mask!


joanna vargas triple crown facial

Then the magic happens: microcurrent. Sometimes I have a mild taste of pennies while this is happening, but otherwise it’s completely painless. They gently press and lift features with the wand, holding it in place while the microcurrents stimulate your muscles. The first time you have this done, ask them to do one side and compare before moving on to the next side. It’s pretty wild! It’s subtle but still impactful — you’re not going to look like you had surgery or anything (obviously) but it lifts your features and makes you look well rested.

joanna vargas triple crown facialAfter cleansing the mask, she applied a soothing eye mask (this will vary depending on your skin’s needs) and continued microcurrent on my neck. I was clearly talking throughout;)


joanna vargas triple crown facialThe last main component of the Triple Crown facial is oxygen. This is my favorite part because I can feel my skin drinking it up. It’s such a cooling, calming feeling.

I left my last treatment and went straight to brunch — just added a lip color and nothing else. But before I left, I booked my next facial…only next time, I’m trying their new cryotherapy facial, which I’m SO excited about. I’ll let you know what I think!

If you want to see this facial in action, make sure to check out the “skin care” highlight on my instagram. From now until 4/9 you can get 20% off all their products on Amazon with code KeikoL20. And if you’re in New York or Los Angeles and want to get your skin glowing, check out Joanna Vargas, ask them about the Triple Crown facial, and let them know I sent you there. Consistency is key. Especially with something non invasive, it takes time to see ultimate results — but they will help you get your skin glowing and beautiful.

Joanna Vargas

501 5th Ave

12th Floor

New York, NY


(212) 949-2350



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  1. Bridget says:

    Hi there! I actually just had the triple crown tonight! Although it was very relaxing, not sure I would spend the money again on it. I see no noticeable contour or lift like some have :/ wondering if you went back for the super nova!?