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Space Buns Hair Tutorial

By popular request: my Space Buns hair tutorial with a step by step instructional video. This hairstyle is so easy and convenient for summer. It should go without saying that it also happens to be an excellent choice for a Disney World (or Land!) trip — add in a bow and you’re fit to be Minnie! Adding in the extra step of  Wella EIMI Grip Cream to tame my flyaways is most essential, since I have fine hair that goes a little crazy without some extra product. I’ve been wearing this hairstyle a little more frequently this summer, and since my niece visited and wowed us all with her adorable braid buns, I think I might have to try those out! Check out my step by step video tutorial below, and don’t forget to tag me if you try any of my tutorials.


  1. Section hair into two high pigtails
  2. Spritz hair with texture spray (I used Wella EIMI Sugar Lift, but salt spray OR dry shampoo would also work)
  3. Pull hair through elastic, halfway
  4. Repeat by pulling existing loop halfway again, so the hair is folded in half twice
  5. Spread like a slinky
  6. Secure ends with bobby pins
  7. Repeat on other side
  8. Smooth flyaways with Wella EIMI Grip Cream and comb in place
  9. Mist with Wella EIMI Stay Firm Finishing Spray

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  1. Chelsea says:

    easily explained love this tutorial.