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  1. BeingIsabella says:

    Oh my gosh, I am in love with how 1950’s this outfit … and photo for that matter …. look! All the way from the length, to the cut, to the style and print of the dress is spot on with the trends and styles of the 50’s. The addition of adding a bandana around your head and those red slingback flats is also genius. This whole outfit reminds me of the “We Can Do It” poster! Do you know which one I’m talking about? I just checked out Meghan’s favorite sandals and they really are a beautiful! I’m not surprised why both you and her love them. White is also my favorite colour in terms of sandals to wear during the summer. Oooh, maybe that’s a sign I should get them?! I hope you are having a great Sunday so far 🙂


  2. Beatrice says:

    Oh my gosh I love that blue checkered dress – so cute! And no, I wouldn’t buy a mini-fridge just for that, haha. That’s dedication though!

    Beatrice | The Bliss Bean