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summer days

Outfit Details:

Janessa Leone hat  (similar, more affordable option here)

heart sunglasses (under $10 and free shipping, multiple color options)

Madewell stripe shirt (see below for similar options)

Madewell high rise jeans

Seychelles sandals


In the blink of an eye, Summer is at its end — and here we are with a great big outdoor space we hadn’t fully utilized. Well, Miku and Bobby and I have, but we haven’t had many guests over with all the chaos we dealt with the past few months. It felt like such a waste, having this great terrace with outdoor furniture and a hammock and string lights, and no one else to entertain. So, my friend Holly named herself social chair of a bbq at our place, and that’s what we did this weekend. That’s what it takes, sometimes — just give me a date and I’ll make it happen. We had a handful of friends over for a low-key cook out on the terrace, and Miku entertained by climbing over everyone’s laps to find the perfect one to sit on. My sister Amanda has been in town, and since she’s a whole lot more domestic than I am (she’s a married mother of two, after all), she helped me get everything set up and ready. I love Fall and the very beginnings of Winter, but I’m really hanging on to the days when we can stay outside in the hammock and not need layers of blankets to keep us warm. Those of you with real backyards, you don’t know how lucky you are. Over a decade in the city and now I finally have an outdoor space. It’s a game changer and I just can’t go back.

None of this has much to do with these photos. That’s because most of the time, when I’m with my friends and family, I’m just living and not documenting. I didn’t have my phone out at all, today. Didn’t take a single picture or video, didn’t post on social media. And it felt very, very nice to be completely disconnected from the internet world and fully present in the real. More days like this would be so nice.

Also, since I’m posting these photos of my little sister Tessa and me, here’s something that does have to do with the pictures: I really miss my baby sister. It’s been so nice to have Amanda here the past week, and I just wish I could get the whole family up here!

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