modcloth fall outfit ideas, 60s inspired outfit
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modcloth fall outfit ideas, 60s inspired outfit

modcloth fall outfit ideas, 60s inspired outfit
modcloth fall outfit ideas, 60s inspired outfit

modcloth fall outfit ideas, 60s inspired outfit  modcloth fall outfit ideas, 60s inspired outfit  modcloth fall outfit ideas: B.A.I.T. footwear red glitter heels

Outfit Details:

Bonlook “Keiko” glasses (use code COLLAB15 for $15 off my glasses, as well as Elsie & Emma’s “Jack and Norma” glasses!)

red beret

navy and red polka dot coat

vintage knit top

polka dot a-line knit skirt

red glitter B.A.I.T. heels

p.s. Get 30% Off $150+ ModCloth orders with Code BFF30 (most of my outfit is from there)


Well, I still haven’t completely moved out of my studio. And by “haven’t completely moved out,” I mean that I haven’t moved a single thing since my mom and stepdad were visiting. I’m procrastinating because it’s depressing, but I think my being in limbo is the worst part. There’s not much left to move; most of the big stuff has been moved and I’ve kept my lighting there so I can still shoot while I have the space. But it’s just figuring out what to do with the small stuff — and selling or donating what’s left of the furniture. Anyone in need of a large, pink industrial cart or a shabby chic desk?

Anyway, life goes on. Call me basic, but I love Fall, so I’m looking forward to focusing on all of its offerings. I’m not much of a pumpkin spice latte person, but I love apple cider donuts, pumpkin pie, changing leaves, and Halloween! You’d better believe I already started my Halloween looks (although I’m not sure how I’ll top last year’s Haunted Mansion stretching portraits), and I jumped at the opportunity to wear some layers. You know I love that jacket/sweater with bare legs kind of weather! Bobby and I went uptown and got some lunch/took some photos before my appointment at KUR (for a PCA chemical peel — read more about them here). Since I was going for a slightly more aggressive retinol peel, I wanted to make sure I got in some social time (and some photos for upcoming projects!) before my skin started peeling. I’m currently on day 2 and am only peeling minimally, so it doesn’t look like I’ll need any downtime at all. I still see great results — I swear by peels — but is it weird that sometimes I miss the satisfaction of seeing my skin shed like a snake?

How did I go from moving out, to Fall, to chemical peels? Just a real talent for having absolutely no direction, I suppose. But let’s bring it back to this outfit: will I ever get over my love of vintage inspired dressing? I think not. It seems to be a lifelong commitment.

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  1. Suzen says:

    OH WOW!!! I love your dress and dressing sense Every time I see one of your outfits, all I can think to myself is where ‘she’s getting ideas.


  2. Rosy Dolan-Murphy says:

    Love this outfit Keiko! It’s beautiful and fun and very vintage but not frumpy. I am going to copy this outfit for work tomorrow! Thanks for inspiring x

  3. Mrs. Anderson says:

    I love everything about this! So much so that I went and added everything to my cart! Then I remembered that I have a mortgage and bills and kids and closed the tab. There may have been tears… Ahh life. 🙂 (I wouldn’t trade it but that coat makes it very tempting)

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      haha, I sometimes do that! I add a bunch of stuff to my cart and then close the window. It’s like window shopping, only online;)