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How Uber Rewards Comes to the Rescue on Shoot Days

This post is sponsored by Uber. Learn more at Terms Apply.Waiting for my UberX for a quick shoot in DUMBO. 


As a content creator, living in New York City means I have endless backdrops for my photo shoots, but it isn’t always a walk in the park to get the right shot. We’re also one of the busiest cities, which means there are constantly tons of people either in the background of photos or politely waiting for you to take a photo so they can walk past — which makes me feel terrible, so I try to be as quick as possible! To avoid that, I try to shoot during the early morning when less people are out and about. However, that doesn’t always happen — I’m NOT a morning person, and schedules are sometimes too tight to wait until a more opportune moment. Last minute projects or reshoots happen all the time, and sometimes it’s when I have only a sliver of daylight left. But I have to make it work, so I have my go-to spots to capture photography that fit my criteria: must be void of a sea of people, be aesthetically pleasing and have the right lighting, which will depend on the time of day.

I live in Brooklyn, so DUMBO is one of my go-to neighborhoods where I have a handful of favorite photo spots. Since I don’t live within walking distance and we all know parking is a nightmare in the city — and more often than not I have too much gear with me to comfortably take public transportation — I rely on Uber. I’m just a quick Uber trip away, so I pack up my bags with whatever props or clothing I’m shooting (and often a change of shoes!) and my gear and head to the picturesque neighborhood.

As a Platinum Tier member of the new Uber Rewards program, I get Price Protection on UberX for the two places I ride between most, so I can worry less about traveling during peak traffic (ahem, like during the morning commute if I miss my early wake up alarm). Better yet, my price on this route will always be up to 35% less than what everyone else pays on that route. I can change my selected destinations every thirty days, too; however, it’s no surprise that other than my home (clearly!), I have a DUMBO coffee shop set as my selected destination for Price Protection: it’s a great spot to start and end my photo shoot journeys, because it’s central to all of my favorite backdrops. I can walk around and find a quiet spot to get a good photo without a crowd.

If you haven’t enrolled in Uber Rewards yet, check it out as the benefits don’t disappoint, especially when you’re using Uber as regularly as me.

Okay, back to my other go-to spots.


If you walk down Washington Street, you’ll see a large crowd no matter the temperature or what time of day it is, getting a shot with the Manhattan Bridge and Empire State peeking between. It’s a great spot, but I prefer this quieter walkway with the Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop, where there is much less foot traffic.


Jane’s Carousel is one of my favorite spots. It’s a restored antique carousel with perfect views of both bridges and the Manhattan skyline.

When the weather is warmer, I love the flower lined pathway near the River Cafe and the little garden in this old warehouse. 

Of course, I always pop in to a coffee shop in a central spot to grab a coffee or tea and take refuge from the cold while I request an Uber trip and then it’s a quick ride back home.  

Learn more about Uber Rewards at Terms Apply.


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