heart chunky knit sweater chicwish
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My heart.

heart chunky knit sweater chicwish heart chunky knit sweater chicwish

Outfit Details:

AGOLDE high rise Riley jeans (turns out I love AGOLDE)

Express Downtown cami — I have this in several colors and fabrics and they’re currently on sale.

Heart knit chunky cardigan

Strappy Mary Janes (old, but these are super similar and very inexpensive)

heart sunglasses (under $10)

Kate Spade heart crossbody

bow barette (old, but these are a steal)


I’ve been in this mode of creating but not posting, writing but not sharing, shooting but not editing kind of mode. Does that ever happen to anyone? It’s a different kind of rut; I’m halfway to being productive. Truthfully, I’ve been trying to busy myself with creative work but then find myself not being able to / not wanting to / not finding the time to finish and then I end up moving on to the next distraction and keep that cycle going. Luckily, my sister is in town and keeping me productive — actually productive, not halfway productive — and sane. Life has been weird.

Speaking of life throwing curveballs (okay, I said “weird”), most of my days have been spent at our vet — both with Miku and Kitty Boos. I’ve been there 6 times in the past two weeks. Today, my sister met our longtime vet for the first time. Miku was squinting one eye and I took her in to be examined, and when he told me she had a minor injury to her cornea he immediately looked at me and said, “It’s minor, Keiko. Don’t worry!” and then looked at Amanda and said, “I know your sister well.” I was already tearing up before he got the first word in. Bless Dr. Maddon at Park Slope Veterinary Care, because he has never made me feel bad about my ubiquitous tears and let me tell you, I cry at even the most routine visits. He has cared for my animals for almost the whole time I’ve lived here, so that’s a whole lot of tears. I should probably replace their box of tissues every now and then.

We’ve got a couple more vet appointments coming up, both for Boo and for Ku, but I’m hoping and praying that we’re going to keep to the routine checkups — KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD. Having four senior animals means having a second home at the vet, and I’m just glad we happen to love and trust ours. If you’re in Brooklyn, Dr. Maddon at Park Slope Veterinary Care gets a ringing endorsement from me. I vetoed apartments when we were looking to move because I didn’t want to move too far from our vet’s office. He’s the only one I fully trust with Miku and I flee there anytime there is an issue. Am I a little crazy? Probably. But hey, we’re about to celebrate Miku’s 15th birthday (though she technically probably already turned 15) and this little gal is still running around like a spritely young pup. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

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  1. Panty Buns says:

    How very sweet and touching. Happy 15th birthday to Miku!
    Your puppy in the photos above is very photogenic and adorable wearing the coordinating red vest. I love your red themed OOTD! You look fabulous rocking the red hair-bow, red heart sweater, red blouse, red heart sunnies and red heart crossbody.

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      Thank you! We love a theme!

  2. Shannon Cannon says:

    Tearing up just reading this. Vet visits are HARD on the heart.