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Summer laws

Summer Vacation Outfit Details:

Rainbow Ella dress by Rhode

straw hat (I also have a similar one by Janessa Leone)

heart sunglasses (under $10)

Olgana Paris flower sandals

beaded tote (very similar to Shrimps for a fraction of the price) — I also love Susan Alexandra


This Rainbow Ella dress was sold out the last time I blogged about it, so I was happy to see they restocked it. It quickly became a favorite for the summer, with its lightweight, loose cotton (read: breathable!) body and the rainbow panels that remind me of those parachutes we used to play under in school. Does anyone remember those? Where we’d all get in a circle and throw it up in the air, to go underneath it? Or maybe put a beanbag on top and bounce it around? Anyway…

Over the years, I’ve realized that cotton dresses are my best summer friends, and they somehow get better with each wear (and subsequent wash). Naturally, some of my absolute favorites are 50s cotton day dresses — truly the unsung heroes of many a summer day — but after investing and living in a couple of cotton dresses from Loveshackfancy (and the Mara Hoffmann ones I wear to death…but they’re hemp), I decided it should be a law that all summer clothes be so soft and breathable. I recently ordered this linen dress from Sleeper for that very reason, and I’m excited to break it in and wear it over and over and over until someone says, “Do you have other dresses?” to which I’ll reply, “You said that last summer about my wrap dress. Let me live!” 


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  1. Scarlet Toruno says:

    Hi where is that location for the shoot so pretty.

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      Lauderdale By The Sea in Florida. By Aruba!