Link Roundup

Weekend Link Roundup

Is your dog manipulating you? Probably.

This is one of my favorite blouses right now. (by MKT Studio)

Do you take Vitamin D supplements? It might not be helping you as much as you think.

Learn how to make my favorite treat from Dominique Ansel, the DKA.

I’ve also worn these jeans and this beaded tote approximately 100 times and I’m not sorry about it.

This skirt is perfect for a summer picnic. Also loving this daisy tote from Solid & Striped.

Has your Instagram ever been hacked? They’re beginning to test new ways to help users regain access to their hacked accounts.

Remember Pokemon Go? Would you play the new Harry Potter version?

7 organizations supporting people in the Sudan crisis that you can donate to right now.

How cute is this strawberry bag?

Keanu Reeves is having a moment right now, and I’m loving these photos of him being hands off!

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  1. Ludmila at Pure Flowers says:

    Such a cute daisy tote! If you were giving it as a gift place a posy of daisy inside the bag – a gift to enjoy today, tomorrow and for many years.