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5 Easy Disney Halloween Costumes

Over the years I’ve put together many Disney Halloween costumes, so here is a roundup of some past costumes that you can easily recreate this year! I’m including links to recreate each costume, but you can also rework things that already exist in your closet and supplement with a few things from the thrift store or a costume store.

1. Mary Poppins

This has consistently been one of my most popular and it’s super easy to put together with items from your own closet! You just need a few accessories to complete the look: a vintage bag, some flowers for your hat, and a red bow tie.

mary poppins diy costume

2. Cruella de Vil

This costume is easy to recreate with a few costume store purchase (the wig, red gloves) and a faux fur coat from the thrift store.

cruella de vil disney villain costume

3. Alice in Wonderland

This is also one of my most popular costumes from previous years. I recreated it last year with a blonde Alice wig, but I’ve also done a DIY/thrift version in years past! This one is very easy to recreate with just a few items you already have in your closet or a quick trip to a thrift store.

alice in wonderland costume disney halloween costumes
disney halloween costumes alice in wonderland costume white rabbit costume

4. Belle from Beauty & The Beast

This outfit can be recreated with any vintage yellow gown, with plenty of options available on Etsy. I love creating costumes from things in my closet, so my tip is to pick a dress you’ll want to wear on it’s own! Lots of cute yellow dresses here.

belle beauty and the best costume, princess belle costume, disney halloween costumes

5. 1960s Tomorrowland

I’m a big lover of Disney and vintage, so one of my favorite costumes was my 60s Tomorrowland one! This one takes a bit more work as a DIY, but if that sounds fun to you, I had a lot of fun creating this costuem. We really wanted to convey the look and feel of futuristic mod, space-age characters.

tomorrowland couples costumes for halloween mod disney costume diy

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  1. Viva Glow says:

    I like the Mary Poppins look with the vintage bag. It’s fun and easy, plus it brings back some nice memories from the past.