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All I Do Is Dream Of You: Kathy Selden Singin’ In The Rain Costume

I have been wanting to do this costume forever, and I had a slightly different vision of it (a series, to start!) but given our extreme time crunch, I am pretty happy with the results. Singin’ in the Rain is one of my all time favorite movies, and Kathy Selden might be one of the cutest characters of all time, as well! My favorite scene is when she sings “All I Do Is Dream Of You” and unexpectedly runs into Don Lockwood. I wanted to focus on the main costume itself, so I hired Nicole, an incredibly talented artist, to make the cake for me (find her at @coleydotdesigns). It was originally to be part of a bigger set, but we reworked the idea into a smaller, wearable cake.

All I do is dream of you the whole night through.

I originally intended to make the entire costume from scratch, but found a retro swimsuit that made the perfect base. I made the hat and accessories and added the basket, trims, and ruffle. 

“Now that I know where you live, I’d like to see you home.”

When I first talked to Nicole about the cake, she knew exactly what I was talking about and we were immediately on the same page — but I didn’t see anything but a sketch until the delivery (I was a little off the grid for a month). When I first saw the final product, it was beyond my expectations. She did an incredible job! Each tier is “iced” with incredible detail. She used traditional cake techniques, only with stucco instead of icing. The whole thing is very lightweight, since it’s also meant to be worn!

That’s right: did I mention the cake is WEARABLE?

While I didn’t quite master the dance, I have every intention of one day learning it and fully recreating the scene. Only, I might not post that one on the internet. I’m a horrible dancer. 

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  1. Mandy says:

    You’re every thought, you’re everything, you’re every song I ever sing”

    This costume IS everything! You did such a great job!!! I screamed when I saw it. Singin’ is my all time favorite. I’ve wanted to tackle this costume for years myself but I’m bowing out. You killed it!!

    So. Freakin’. Cute.