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That puffer jacket we all had as kids

BonLook Keiko-Chan glasses in Sakura (also available in sun! and 2 other colors)

Free People beanie (sold out, but similar here)

Anthropologie Colorblocked Reversible Faux Fur Parka

Thrifted turtleneck (similar here and 30% off!)

AGOLDE Hi Rise Wide Leg Jeans (I’ve decided I LOVE AGOLDE)

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers

The minute I saw this puffer jacket, I knew I had to have it. Not because I thought it would be the most versatile jacket in my closet (though I do wear it quite a bit!), but because it reminded me of the best parts of my childhood.

Which is weird, because I grew up in South Florida…where there is little to no need for a puffer jacket.

If you, too, grew up in a hot and humid climate, you may have been slightly overdressed for those rare “winter” days when the temperature dropped in the 60s, maybe even 50s. My mom would basically dress us in ski suits. Well, sweatpants, sweatshirts, with a puffer jacket over the top. Maybe even some tights under the sweatpants. 

But those were the best days, because the cold felt so exciting and different and brand new. I had never experienced real seasons beyond seeing the Fall leaf my grandma brought home from one of her trips. It blew my mind. Leaves change colors? Because it gets cold? And then it snows?? It was so foreign to me.

I didn’t see any of that until my early 20s, which made it all the more magical when I did experience it. But until then, I lived for those chilly South Florida days, when my mom would break out the very dangerous space heater to keep us toasty. My sisters and I would swear we could see our breath in the cold morning air as we made our way into school, and maybe we’d even have some hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows when we returned home. 

Can a jacket really bring back all of those memories? In this case, absolutely. Yes. It was a great buy.

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