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Star Wars x Coach

coach star wars patch crossbody bag

BonLook Keiko Lynn glasses in Jackson Brown (also available in sun!)

Vintage coat (similar here and here)

Modcloth corduroy skirt

Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific top (sold out, similar here)

Alberto Fermani Lissanda over the knee boots (old, similar here)

Madewell Pom-Pom beret

Star Wars X Coach Jes Crossbody In Signature Canvas With Patches c/o

keiko lynn wearing coach star wars jes crossbody bag
keiko lynn fall fashion inspiration, plaid coat with suede skirt
keiko lynn fall fashion inspiration, plaid coat with suede skirt
coach star wars patch crossbody bag

Confession: I didn’t watch Star Wars until a few years ago, except a few passing scenes while someone else was watching. It was something that evoked a lot of “WHAT?!”s, including from my boyfriend. Finally, one week I decided to watch them all (in the order they were released), much to Bobby’s delight. I enjoyed them a lot, or else it’s probably Bobby would’ve given me the silent treatment for awhile. Especially the Ewoks. So cute. They look like little Kitty Boos.

I’m glad I watched them all, because when I first went to Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios (the Star Wars land), it felt pretty magical. I bet it would feel magical regardless, since it truly feels like you’re entering a foreign land, but it definitely gave it some valuable context. 

If you’re horrified I waited to watch Star Wars for so long, I have some other disappointing news for you: I only watched the first Lord Of The Rings movie, and I fell asleep (I was tired!) before I finished it. I know, I know. I’m a monster!!

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