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Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center

Vintage sweater and skirt, asos coat, Keiko-Chan Heartbreaker frames.

Bobby and I went ice skating at Rockefeller Center shortly before we had to head down South for the Winter. Does that make us true snowbirds? We met up with Courtney and Paris, one of our favorite couples in New York, and went to dinner afterward. I know sometimes I focus to much on the negativity that the internet brings, but it can be truly wonderful as well. I’ve met so many friends through various internet platforms: Open Diary, Livejournal, this blog, instagram. Sometimes I forget that’s how so many of us met.

I’m grateful for that, because since I’ve always been self employed (and I don’t drink, so that’s another thing), I met most of my friends through school or the internet in one way or another. Though I don’t have a blogger clique or a girl squad–I mean, I’m 35–I’ve been lucky to meet some pretty awesome people in this funny little business we stumbled upon.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Ice skating at Rockefeller is something I’ve always secretly wanted to do even though I know I’ll end up on my face more than I will my skates. Ha! Uncoordinated is my middle name.

    Did you know Open Diary is back up and running for a small subscription fee? If you remember your old login and password they can reinstate your diary! I did and I love writing in it again. It’s weird because I met a LOT of my online friends there too and we’re still friends on other platforms, but OD is still such a place of joy for me. Ahhh, to be “old” in internet years! Hahaha!

    • Keiko Lynn says:

      I didn’t know that! I remember my OD name but not my password. Hmmm I’ll have to try it. Although I don’t really want to read what I wrote at 15, hahahaha!