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My favorite Christmas outfit

Outfit Details

Oversized Plaid Scarf (similar here)

Plaid Formal Blazer Jacket

Red Tulle Skirt

downtown cami (on sale for $19.95)

Velvet Plaited Headband (more here and here or splurge on Jennifer Behr)

Black Pointed Toe low block heels (on sale for $39!)

Keiko Lynn x Bonlook glasses in Bobby Ink

thrifted belt

I have this tulle skirt–which I bought on Amazon!–in multiple colors. It’s inexpensive, versatile, and just putting it on makes me feel a little happier. And truly, I will take any bit of happiness I can get, no matter how superficial the source may be. They have 33 colors listed, of which I have 3: red, blush, and green (which I turned into a Christmas tree skirt). Which other color should I get?

Also, just a note because people asked how I fit this in my suitcase while traveling (since I brought an even fuller pink one to Tokyo)–it can fit into a tiny pouch when rolled up, and then expands to this magically fluffy skirt when you take it out. I always travel with a small steamer to take out any wrinkles and I have sworn by this one for many many years. I used to keep all my tulle skirts hanging, but they take up so much room that I started storing them beneath my bed in a storage container with some of my coats. I keep them in their pouches so they take up way less space!


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  1. Nikki says:

    You look absolutely perfect for Christmas!! Thank you for posting links too – and for the items being affordable! I love shopping for clothes on Amazon! You are so beautiful and you’re such an inspiration! Merry Christmas!