Link Roundup

Weekend Link Roundup

What are your weekend plans? I’m currently packing for a trip to Tulum with Kim! If you have been following along on IG stories you know I recently got diagnosed with Raynaud’s syndrome, so I’m especially excited to get out of the cold and to the beach! Let me know your winter travel plans, are you heading to the snow or looking for a warm weather getaway? Here are some links from around the web:

Are you a morning person or a night owl? If you’re a night owl like me, have you tried these tips on how to become a morning person?

I love these black polka dot slingback heels!

I feel like everyone I know is always trying to manage their stress. This list of stress-relieving toys caught my eye, especially the bubble wrap phone case! Do you have your own tips on managing stress?

I love this roller for headaches, puffiness, and reduces the appearance of pores!

The power of makeup used in the form of activism! This group of artists are using it as a way to combat the increasing level of surveillance and lack of privacy rights in London.

City Bakery is back… sort of! If you have been missing their famous hot chocolate, they are back with Wonderbon Chocolate Co this winter in the West Village.

These raincoats are sure to brighten up a gloomy day!

Text message reactions that don’t exist, but maybe should

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